Off Topic: Snacks

You're slobbing around the house, watching TV, playing video games, engaging in general slobbery. It is that crucial period between lunch and dinner but you're as hungry as all hell. What do you eat?

That's right folks, today I want to talk about snacks.

I love snacks. I love them. Back in the day I would snack on chocolate, chips, everything you care to mention. In fact, I think I have some fairly deeply ingrained bad habits when it comes to snacking. Now that I'm trying to be super healthy I'm in the process of trying to replace all my bad snacking habits with good ones.

But the truth is, I just end up completely overdoing everything.

My current obsession: raisins. I absolutely love these things. I just dip my hand into a massive bag of raisins, grab a fistful and pour them directly into my gob.

Another obsession: Chobani yoghurt. This is super high in protein, to the point where it's basically a delicious tasting protein bar in terms of nutrition. I ruin this by pouring bucketloads of honey into it.

And speaking of honey, this is my worst habit yet. Sometimes I just keep a jar of honey at my desk and literally just eat the honey all day. I'm the worst.

What are some of the snacks you guys and girls like to feast on?


    I'm a complete sucker for a Mars bar or Milky Bar, though I'm trying to watch my intake so I mostly snack on jatz, plain straight from the box, which I also enjoy

      +1 for plain Jatz, staple snack for me

        Me too, and my 18 month old loves them. When we were at the supermarket, she filled her pram with 10 boxes of Jatz while I was looking at something else.

          while im partial to Jatz i am in Melbourne and they have Savoys same box and biscuit shape but crunchier than jatz

            Can't stand Ritz or Savoys. It's Jatz or go home!

              ritz are too soft. savoys are almost identical to Jatz, same box, color and design. the biscuit is the same shape but the only difference i could notice is the the crunchyness and slightly saltier on the savoy side. either one i enjoy

      Ritz master race here.

        I like the crunch of the Jatz, they are also a little saltier. Also Ritz have betrayed me too many times by disintegrating upon contact with dips and cheeses

          Hah yeah, they're not great for dips I agree. I used to have ritz + tomato + cheese + salami + beer as late night snacks at uni. :) good times.

    I'm fat enough as it is. I can't afford to have snacks laying around the place. I usually have pistachio nuts in my drawer at work, but I don't snack on them - I eat them exclusively for morning tea and don't touch them for the rest of the day.

    Pods.... Especially during raids >.< I should just stop buying them.

      Oh god, Mars pods, I cannot be trusted with those

        The fuck's a mars pod-

        *Looks on wikipedia*


          Didn't know that Pods was an Australian only thing, they are amazeballs, and I don't ever use that term

            The day where I set up a snack exchange with TAYbies grows ever nearer.

              I'll trade pods for bags of peanut butter m&ms

                I'll trade for Oh Henry bars :)

    I was like you Mark, chocolate and crisps back in the day but now trying to be healthy. It helps though that snacks in Australia aren't a patch on what was available back home. Scampi Fries, Steak McCoys, Galaxy chocolate, Picnics that actually have raisins in them (Australian Picnics are an abomination), Monster Munch, Skips, Wispa Gold. I could go on. I won't because I'm making myself hungry. Also when I was a teenager staying up late playing my Playstation, I'd go for a midnight 'snack' of a pizza, fish fingers, crispy pancakes (chicken & bacon) and chips. Use the pizza as a burrito and eat it all in one go. How I stayed skinny as a teenager I don't know.

    These days, cashew & walnuts are my current snack.

      Picnics with frigging raisins in them? You are an unholy abomination in the eyes of the snack lord.
      That is just plain wrong.

        Aussie chocolate just isn't right :P not in the way that American chocolate is just plain wrong, but there's just something that's a little bit off about it

          I don't like most British chocolate at all, I think it is all what you grew up on.
          The only American chocolate I like is Oh Henry bars, they are frigging delicious, but my favourite stuff comes from Slovakia, they have this pistachio chocolate bar that is out of this world.
          To be honest, I mostly only like dark chocolate these days, must be getting old.

            Definitely down to childhood memories. I love pods though. And hobnobs haven't been bastardised over here which is awesome. Best dunking biscuit in the World are hobnobs.

            My sweet tooth has definitely decreased though in recent years. I'm now over the 30 milestone and find myself unable to pig out on sugar

    Lately I've been crazy about the store-baked cookies in Coles. Apparently its the same distributor as the dough for Subway cookies, and they taste just as good!

    Note that similar looking cookies from Woolworths are nothing like them. Woolworths uses sugar as one of the main ingredients, but Coles uses butter (which tastes way better).

      +1 for Coles cookies. Those sticky date ones are amazing!

      They used to be good until they decided to replace oat and raisin with muesli. WTH, why change the best one they had

        THERE WERE OAT ONES? Man, give me gooey anzac biscuits any day of the week!

          Yep, the oat and raisin was amazing. If you got the nice soft ones, mmmmm so good

      The caramel pretzel cookies are pretty amazing

        These and the peanut ones are my current favourites. :)

      I used to be a baker at Coles and the cookies are at their best when warm and gooey. Macadamia are my favorite and used to be a staple of my diet back in the day.

        Not usually warm by the time I get to them, but definitely soft and delicious! Since you were a baker there can you confirm if it is the same dough as Subway?

      +1 for Stem ginger. A box lasts a couple of hours between the two of us.

      Was in Coles today and bought some of these based on this thread haha only had choc chip ones but fresh from the oven, amazing

    Nacho Cheese Doritos and Coke Zero during the day.

    Beer for night gaming.

    Oh god Serrels, I thought I was bad.

    With 4 kids around there are always too many snacks on hand that I shouldn't be eating. I too have the problem of over indulging in whatever the flavour of the day is.
    I try to make my main snacks be fruit. We keep tons of fruit in the house, bananas, oranges, apples, pears, mandarins, kiwi as well as carrots if I am feeling fat. Mangoes and peaches and nectarines when they get cheap. Rockmelon and Watermelon.
    I swear half my wage is spent on fruit, on bad days I would eat 5 oranges, a few apples, a couple of bananas and a pear or two. My acid load can't be good for my teeth.

    Lately we have been buying and cooking up Woolie's chicken sticks/kebabs and having those in the fridge to snack on, as they are more filling.

    If fruit isn't in the house, then it is grainwave chips (just as bad for you as potato chips), wafer biscuits, Sooper Dooper Ice blocks, valia french vanilla yoghurt, cashew nuts, any chocolate I can find, jatz and cheese (and gherkins if there are any), so pretty bad stuff really, and it goes straight to my gut :(

      Great idea with the skewers, the protein is definitely more filling! I should try this, I normally eat any chocolate in sight lol.

        Yeah, it has worked wonders, keep a plate of them in the fridge, and instead of pigging into chips and biscuits, have a chicken skewer. I cook them in the old George, and they are then low fat and delicious. Helps keep the gut at bay.

    Generally, chips or similar. I love getting some guac and salsa and having poor man nachos, or just cheese and crackers. God I love cheese.

    When I'm sick I seem to gain a ravenous hunger for Peanut M&Ms (the others will do, but Peanut's my jam).

      High five for guac. I love making and eating homemade dips and my dad can make a mean aioli. It's so gloriously tasty but it's ridiculously unhealthy at the same.

    Arnott's Monte biscuits; they're the adult Chocolate Teddy Bear biscuit, but they're better.

    On sunny weekends though, it's all about the Affogato. Sounds fancy, but its just a shot of coffee over a large (LARGE) scoop of vanilla ice-cream in a tiny glass tumbler. Eat with a teaspoon ;)

      Oh crap.. Montes... Many a time I have had to sneak out to the shops to buy a replacement packet as I ate the entire frigging thing while the kids were asleep.

      They taste best straight out of the freezer in summer.

      I always thought an affogato had a shot of liqueur with it too. Seems lacking to have it without.

      But then I generally prefer to have my coffee with a shot of liqueur anyway, so it would probably seem that way regardless :P

    My favourites would be Chilli beef jerky, Atomic fireballs, Kettle chilli chips

    I'll smash a bag of cheese Twisties without breaking a sweat. I'm fairly obsessed with walnuts and I'll chase down a serial killer to grab the half-eaten Snickers I thought I saw sticking out of his back pocket.
    Add Ritz, cheddar and cabanossi to his pocket and society may well be down one more degenerate.

      ...that wasn't a snickers man, and that wasn't his pocket.

        I usually find that sort of thing out the hard way.

    Cheetos. I have a real weakness for Cheetos.

    Good thing these are not usually in the house, so if I need a fix I'd actually need to go down to the shop to buy them. And I'm usually too lazy to do that :P

    I try not to snack whilst gaming cos of the crud that then ends up on the controller, but if I were to go for a chip/crisp Burger Rings are prob my go to, black forest chocolate is another favourite but like you I am trying to cut all that out anyway, almonds, protien shake, punnet of shaved ham?

      Good point, I spilt a bit of a chocolate flake on there during the raid on Saturday so I think I'll stop doing that now.

        I remember back in the day when games were still couch coop and a mate would have his hand buried in a bag of cheese balls or something and it'd be his turn, next time you got the controller back was like it was dipped in grease.

          That's just bad etiquette.

          I always make sure to use the minimal amount of skin surface area to pick up a snack, and then wipe all traces of grease onto my pants leg before picking up the controller again.

    And speaking of honey, this is my worst habit yet. Sometimes I just keep a jar of honey at my desk and literally just eat the honey all day. I’m the worst.

    Are we talking Winnie to Pooh style here?

    I sometimes snack on flavored soft liquorice eg., apple, raspberry, strawberry.

      It was just a smackerel!

      Are we talking Winnie to Pooh style here?

      If Serrels is talking about eating honey straight out of the jar then he and I share a shameful affliction though my poison is molasses - either blackstrap (if I can get it) or even just the regular stuff.

      It is also the only topping (aside from a little double cream) that should ever go on porridge :-P

    My appetite is never satiated so if I get into bad habits I can polish off entire bags of anything.

    But when I am trying to be healthy and lose weight; at work I tend to eat Ryvita with tuna and cottage cheese. Heaps of protein and good carbs. Keeps you going a while. Or I'll have a protein smoothie with frozen mixed berries and stuff like that. Also honey is fine if you don't over do it. Eating a jar, is overdoing it :)

      Yeeep, the only way I can keep control of my snacking when dieting is if the stuff simply isn't in the house. D:

        Yeah same with me. Also if I do treat myself I have a really bad habit of being all "Oh now it'll be in the house, unless I eat it ALL now..."


          LOL. "Starting my diet tomorrow, better make sure there are no snacks". *eats all of them now*

          Last edited 14/10/14 1:10 pm

        I'm the same, have good self control when shopping, but none at home.

    The Kinder Bueno has always been a go-to when it comes to chocolate; ever since they changed the recipe for Hershey's Cookies & Cream, it's never been the same. Hedgehogs, little hazelnut-creme filled hedgehog-shaped chocolates have always been a favourite as mine as well. I suppose I just like hazelnut. Or everything made by Kinder; their milk-filled little bars, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher. Good stuff. Can't go wrong with Reeses as well.

    For potato chips I've always been partial to Miss Vickies, although they are a tad expensive- but Jalapeno, Lime & Black Pepper, Sweet Chili & Sour Cream.

    For lollies, well, I'm not especially picky, I'll just go to the nearest dollar store and pick up a bag of whatever sour, gummy-like confectionary comes my way.

    As for actually healthy stuff, pistachios are delicious stuff, and half an avocado with salt & pepper and a bit of lemon juice squeezed on top serve as perfect healthy snack. Plain ol' Yogurt also agrees with me quite well.

    Goodness, I can go on and on about this.

      Kinder Buenos are great. Then the white Kinder Bueno came out and I was in heaven. They spill crumbs like they're going out of style though

        .. what.

        *brings up wikipedia again*


    BBq shapes and a bag of popcorn is my go to snack of choice. My youngest son has picked up the popcorn habit from me now... Must say it is cute and sad seeing he and i both slobbing on the couch with a massive bowl of popcorn between us.

    For a while I was on those... Oishi thing? Or something like that. I forget what they're called. Peanut cracker things, they come from Costco I think. There were also those mustard pretzel things. And sometimes just regular pretzels

    But yeah, along with staving off my swearing last month I also forced myself into cutting back on snacking. I never really used to snack, I'd pretty much just get by on meals. But that was when I had a sleep cycle that had me getting up in the middle of the day, so there wasn't much time between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now with this whole job thing it's gotten a lot harder.

    My current "snack" is to take a swig from my bottle of cordial. Because I can't stand plain water. But still trying to be vaguely conscious of excessive sugar intake, so I try to make it fairly weak. Enough to flavour without being particularly sweet.

    *counts down the minutes til lunch*

    I am addicted to coke zero, if im gaming or watching tv i usually have a cup of coke zero too. I also want to emphasize CUP. Glasses that have the capacity of 200mL are stupid. Even for water. Just as soon as you get the glass its finished. Whats the point???

      I can't get through a can of Coke Zero. It tastes fine, but it does something weird to me, like my stomach is made of mentos or something. Three mouthfulls in and I am completely full. Can't swallow any more of it. It is really weird.

    I don't snack too much actually, I keep some 'Activated Almonds' (nuts with water on them for the uninitiated) in the drawer at work for after lunch snack.

    Then it hits midnight.

    I wake up in a glucose depleted rage and eat anything I can find; chocolate, half a liter of milk, steak, biscuits, I am trying out today some trail mix type biscuit and another piece of fruit for a snack this arvo.

    The picture of the Snickers bar lured me it....
    Other than that, Peanut MnMs and Whitakers Peanut Slab or Almonds

    Last edited 14/10/14 11:54 am

    As much chilli garlic biltong as I can jam in my mouth.

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