Remember This?

That's two days in a row you've struggled with this Remember This. I have a feeling this might be the image to put you over the edge!

Here's the last two images for reference:

Good luck everyone.


    Metal Gear Solid 3?

      on second thoughts, is it The Bouncer???

        ok last guess, is it urban reign? (i really want to guess the game correctly for once)

        On a similar track, I thought it might be the Warriors - but I took a look at some screenshots and there's nowhere near that much resolution in the character models.

    surgeon simulator - the Dr. Nick Riviera expansion

    Resident evil 2

    Is it the Nina from tekken stand alone game? Death by degrees.

    The Last Guardian?

    Edit: Wrong word.

    Last edited 17/10/14 8:09 pm

    Is it 50 Cent Blood on the Sand?

    In the background of that new screenshot, I'm pretty sure I see graffiti that says THQ. Maybe that's a clue?

    I'll guess Saint's Row.

    Think it might be a fighting simulator so Dead or Alive. Otherwise completely left field from my initial guess but Tomb Raider.

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