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    How was everyone's weekend? It was absolutely too damn hot to do anything here so I felt like a snake all weekend just soaking in the sunshine

      Good thanks! I felt like a hermit, venturing out in to the sun for only about 3 hours. :D

    "Canada has it's own thanksgiving?!"

    - Me every thanksgiving

      We'll have our own thanksgiving, with Blackjack.. And hookers. In fact forget about thanksgiving

    Rough day ahead for me. Mum's funeral today. Gonna be a lot of faces I haven't seen in a long time, and that scares me.

      Sending good thoughts and strength your way, man.

      *emphatic hand on shoulder*

      I know what you mean. Death seems such a ethereal and strange thing by itself that having vaguely familiar faces accompanying it seems.. haunting, almost. That's what it's like for me, anyway.

      But that'll pass by quickly. They'll be as sombre as you, and you'll pick up on that. Misery loves company, as they say. It'll pass.

      I'm sorry I can't say anything more helpful.

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        I should pack my conversation cards. It's mostly the whole.. "I haven't seen you for years, what have you been up to" that I hate :\ Then having to feign interest in them too, when I really don't give a rats about most of them. I'm sure I'll survive, but I'll feel like the king of awkward by the time it's over!

          hmm, first part off, second part still applies. There'll be awkward small talk, the catching up will be slow, but honestly all contact can be limited to just a sentence or two. Sombre mood, after all.

          Ordinarily this would be the case, but I think the nature of funerals - especially as one of the immediate-family bereaved - is such that if you don't feel like talking, you don't have to talk.

            I can only hope. It's not so much the actual funeral I'm worried about. It's the wake afterwards. My mum would have wanted everyone to party hard! That's just how she was. "Don't cry cos I'm gone, party cos I was here!"

              Being a person who lost a father at a young age, I have to say that the worst thing about a funeral and pretty much everything after is the fact that people treat you differently and pity you. On second thought this sounds quite self centered...

            I don't think I'd feel a lot of guilt in shutting down any conversations I'd be too exhausted for with a simple, "I don't know. I'm not thinking about that right now. I miss my mum."

      That's rough man. Don't know what to say, so I'll just give you hugs instead.


      Here's hoping that some of your family can help you get through today, all the best mate.

      Thoughts are with you, notsowelbot. Chin up and may your mum rest in peace.

      *hugs* stay strong bud and remember that it's okay to cry thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

      I didn't realise your mother had passed away - I'm really sorry to hear that, but I'm also relieved that this painful time in your life is almost over. Good luck with the funeral. We're all here for you xox <3

      It's your Mum's funeral mate, don't deal with any shit that you don't want to.
      If they start going into that chit chat stuff just say excuse me and walk away. people should be showing at least a slice of understanding and just be asking how you are holding up.

      Thoughts are with you from Mrs Tigs and I

      Our thoughts are with you today man. I hope you get some time to decompress.

      hey bot-man, stay strong mate. things might seem tough now, but they do get better man...

      oh no :(, I wish you all the strength and courage in the world to get through today *hugs*

    X COM

    I had to abandon my Ironman playthrough after DC murdered his squad.

    In order to keep the challenge going (which I think is part of the appeal of the game), I upped the difficulty to Classic, but removed the Ironman modifier for my next playthrough.

    This is gonna be pretty rough (resources especially are tight), but it's fun so far. D C, Freeze PrestonIcequire, Jane Not Quite XO and Transient Mind make up the backbone of my team, and they haven't lost a squadmate yet. Strangest Itches got wounded early on, and hasn't been back in rotation since.

      typical DC

        He shot Strange in the face. If ever there was an appropriate time for a "DAMMIT DC" that would be it.

          You only hurt the ones you love shane... you only hurt the ones you love. So don't hold it against DC =P

          Edit: WHAT THE HELL SHANE, I DON"T MAKE THE TEAM?! It's like P.E in high school all over again =,=

          Last edited 13/10/14 9:44 am

            I'm the only puppetmaster here. Don't need the competition! >:(

          How did that happen? The team turn into a bunch of 'lid zombies or just a really crap rocket shot?

            He got mind-controlled, shot Strange in the face, and everyone else panicked and started running out from cover and shooting each other.

            Last edited 13/10/14 1:56 pm

              Aaaaaah yes of course, sectoid commander I imagine

                No, this was something new, about four months in. Like a thin man, but with psi-powers.

      I'm on your team? Awww yeahhhh.

        The spread of male/female soldiers pretty much demanded it :P

        That said, you were a pretty integral part of the last team I assembled. You were a medic/support in the first playthrough and the second soldier to be promoted to Colonel. This time, you're a sniper. You haven't yet proved yourself as a sniper, but you were a wicked medic.

      I've never run a TAYbie squad in XCOM. This description really tempts me to.

      Despite having finished it a couple times already, I kept feeling drawn back to Enemy Within.

        I don't think I'd be having half as much fun in the game without that.

    Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I ended up getting called into work last minute Saturday morning. Which interrupted my time playing destiny. I've started getting bored of my 27 Hunter and decided to re roll a titan which I'm enjoying a lot more.

    I spent Sunday telling myself I'd wash clothes which I never did. And I ended up watching Bathurst. Was losing my shit at the shear volume of ads. They were worse than YouTube on a bad day. But in the end it got really good and I was happy to see the blue oval win it. Than I concluded the night with more destiny and now I am heading off to work again. Not a bad weekend and am loving shadows of mordor

    Good Morning Team Tay! POW!

    Skip to 0:31 seconds for the unofficial TAY intro song!

    Hope your weekends were all filled with good times. Personally, I got to meet five 48 hour old Shar Pei puppies. I know the parents well and it was amazing to see the dynamic between the new mother, father and kids.

    Got to level 27 in Destiny and now equipped with two legendary weapons (Invective shotgun and Bad Juju pulse rifle.) I still don’t feel like slowing down. I hopped in to the Raid just long enough to complete the Templar stage with a group. Got up to the final bit where you are opening portals, but we were struggling and I had to leave.

    Other than that, I don’t think I have too much to report. I had a really weird/bad dream last night me and my gf were on holiday and took Big (our kitten) with us. We were all on a beach and he was roaming around exploring the place. We managed to get a ride back to the area where we were planning on staying the night from some random people. They were driving down a highway and loads of crazy shit was happening: swooping magpies, trucks reversing and our driver driving on the grass at the side at about 120ks.

    Anyway, we got out of the car and found another one parked in the middle of the highway which was empty. We got in and drove off to try and find somewhere to stay. We parked up and realised that Big wasn’t with us. We had left him in the car with those weird people! We wouldn’t have been able to find them and they didn’t know where we were going so as to find us. We’d lost Big. :’(

    Dream world was too stressful at this point, so I had to wake up and called for Big just to check he was ok. I was calling for about 5 seconds and then I feel his arm stretch out and tap me on the head. He was sleeping behind my pillow. :))))

    Last edited 13/10/14 9:51 am

      You mention seeing puppies yet don't share a picture. So cruel.

      I approve of the new TAY song. However, it will have competition, with @dc 's karaoke skills.

    Morning folks!

    Had a pretty good weekend, tried the Vault of Glass Level 26 Raid on Destiny with @jackunit13 and @blackdahlianz and got rekt. It's steeled my resolve to level up by the end of this week and just get past the first part, I will not be defeated by this thing, no damn way.

    I also bought Alien Isolation, but after watching Matt Melvin stream the game live on Twitch this morning I think I'm going to NOPE out after a few attempts and regret not buying Shadow of Mordor instead lol.

    Have a great Monday!

      Any horror game has me like NOPE. I'm gonna get Shadow of Mordor soon hopefully too.

        Yea I can't do horror either, Mordor is awesome though.

        So did you attempt the raid again? I ended up buying some armour off Xur but still only level 25.

          Yeah I got invited in to a team of 5 as someone left. So I joined after they had already gotten in to the Vault. Helped kill The Templar, went through a big maze avoiding the death stare of some mythical harpy sort of things and got to the final(ish) stage of the Vault. Gave it a few attempts, but we struggled and I had to go.

          The bits I was part of though, there was at least 1 person who truly knew what we needed to do, otherwise I could see it being an absolute nightmare.

            Yea I don't think I'd try again until we had a full team of level 27+

      Dude how ridiculously hard was that?!? we were still chuckling about your outburst of JEEEESUS!! hours later. Stag Doo saturday so no more gaming for me in the weekend, lots of movies though.

        The Minotaur scared the absolute shit out of me with it's teleportation trick when I was hiding behind a rock thinking we'd killed all of the Vex lol.

        That works for me, I'd be keen to play with you guys when I have gotten a few pieces of Legendary armor next fortnight lol.

          I'm getting a lil sick of the grind might jump back into Mordor for a while.

        Welcome to Vault of Glass gents! =P What were you guys getting stuck on?

      My wife, who loves all the scary/creepy games like Silent Hill, Amnesia, etc. said this morning "I really want Isolation but I'm worried it will be too scary even for me."

      So obviously I'm going to buy it on pay day this week.

    The humble deep-fried potato you get at the Fish and Chips shop... Why does NSW call them "Potato Scallops" and VIC calls them "Potato Cakes"?

      Because they were trying to drum up some publicity for the food by igniting a cake/scallop debate in the same vein as the epic and ongoing Jaffa Cake/biscuit war.

      But no one cared enough and they'd already printed up all the signs...

        Jaffa cake/biscuit war? Never heard of it.

        Now kebabs vs yiros, THERE'S a war.

          Kebab War? This shit just got real :P

          You didn't see the juice box vs popper war, the things I've seen.... The things I've done

      Is that the same as SA's potato fritter

        If you're talking about a slice of potato that's been battered and fried, then yes.

      I just had a bit of a look on wikipedia and it wasn't terribly helpful, so just as an educated guess, I'd say it's because it's to indicate that it's made a with sliced potato, rather than being a hash brown which is made with diced or mashed potato. A potato bake is often called scalloped potatoes, and it refers to the way they're sliced and layered up.

        I've always taken 'Scalloped' Potatoes to be the whole shebang, up-to, and including, the cheese/bechamel sauce that accompanies them ... (which are delicious BTW)

      No idea why it's called a potato cake, I've had this argument with my wife who is Victorian, we live in NSW and it's embarrassing going into a take away place and she stubbornly refuses to say potato scallop, asks for a potato cake and the person serving just looks at us like we're from another planet and I have to jump in and say she means potato scallop.

      Because people from New South Wales are weird

        No YOU'RE weird *in best impression of a 10 year old I can muster* but seriously, it's a scallop of potato deep fried, it's not much of a cake is it?

          You mash up the potato, pat it down in to a cake of it, cover it in batter and deep fry. At least a cake is vegetarian. If I order a scallop I expect some nice seafood.

            I don't remember getting a potato scallop that was mashed it's usually just a slice of potato deep fried. That sounds like a hash brown

          "An item of savoury food formed into a flat round shape, and typically baked or fried:
          a starter of goat’s cheese and potato cakes"

          Potato cake is British English. I don't think I've ever heard of a 'scallop' of potato. Do you mean it's shaped into a scallop shell or something? You NSW people are weird. I've heard of 'scalloped potatoes' but that's a regional name for gratin.

            Oh next you'll wanna lecture me on flake and hake lol

      I think Queensland has different names depending on the size of the potato that is deep fried. The smaller ones are gems and the larger ones are scallops.

      Cakes are just weird.

        Potato gems are balls of grated up potato, usually, much closer to a hash brown than a scallop

          Ah that would be why. My bad.

            The world of fried potato is complex and serious business

      I'd have thought those would be called hash brown or potato fritters or croquettes depending on the style?

      Tay, pls. My twitter feed was all afroth with this last night! I come here for a safe potato-free zone and... this. Sadface.

      Deep-fried bits of potato? I think we call them "chips" in WA.

      Incidentally, this popped up in my Facebook feed last night - - we've entered the next great stage of thought evolution!

    I hit a rough patch with the cosplaying and ended up going to bed early last night. I was extremely upset by the fact that I've dyed the Skirt for Elsa 4 times and that some of the dye hasn't taken, or has faded. I will try one last time, but after that, I give up.
    Today I'm just going to work on Nob's stuff and my own, I think.

      I'm trying to sew my Link hat, but I can't figure out how to work the sewing machine.
      Hand-stitched it is, then. :)

        Youtube is a great place find machine tutorials - it's how I learned how to thread my overlocker, and those are tricky beasts.

          I was going to suggest the same thing. =D

            I've had to learn how to use my sewing machines because I am TERRIBLE at hand sewing.

              I am good at hand sewing, but I am very, very slow

        Also, if you're working in felt or fleece, hot glue can certainly do the trick!

      Is the fabric still useable for the costume or will you have to source more?

        Still usable. I've actually bought more dye because I am a perfectionist

    PAX is stupid because all hotels were booked out a year ago.

      If the last minute booking websites aren't helping, you can try a travel agent. Often our suppliers are holding an allotment of rooms, so they may have some still available even if the hotel is showing as sold out

      I got mine a month ago but it was fucking expensive. Good luck man.

      Yep. Melbourne Cup weekend. I've got a few mates crashing on my floor, and I know one bloke (international) who's booked Mercure in Geelong and is going to commute on the train back/forth each day ... not a bad option considering the Geelong train takes you to SX and PAX is at Jeff's Shed this year. :)

      What Nova said, and also, try calling the hotels directly. I was resigning myself to bunking with half a dozen other people last year and when I went to go pay, they told me a private room had opened up that day, which hadn't made it to the website listing yet. I snapped that up quick-smart and it ended up being cheaper, nicer and larger than many hotel rooms I've been in.

      Book via the PAX website. They must have reserved a bunch rooms from a selection of hotels and I booked not that long ago for a decent price. Until I had to cancel.

      Vibe Savoy, three nights was going to cost me $600 or something.

    Was dead tired on Friday night so just sat around and played Smash for a while. Halfway through the second last row now, then I'll have tried out every character running through Classic. Then maybe I can try decide who I want to play as (HA!).

    The entire rest of the weekend was dedicated to getting things rolling with my PAX costume. Here's a progress shot - I have pants now! Pictured on the lower-right are the first pair I made (read: screwed up) that featured in that lovely other photo you may have seen on weekend TAY :P These ones have the stretch going in the right direction and feel *much* better.

    Think I should just have enough material left to do the shirt without going back to the shops for more, but only just. Especially if I harvest some stuff from the practise pants.

      Pants?! I am disappoint! You know pants are a no no here! ;)

        Normally I would agree but with that photo I'll make an exception, Dayum

    Just got an email from EB saying "We heard it's your Birthday! That's the perfect excuse to spoil yourself rotten!"
    I'm like... ooo do I get a voucher or discount or something? Noooooope. Just a happy birthday, now come and spend all your money here! :\ That'd be great if I had any EB! Thanks for nothing!!
    (Also it's not my b'day today, so don't start happy b'daying.. (it's tomoorrow))

      Haha, serious? That's pretty bad marketing.

      "Hey, we know it's your birthday sometime around now, because our automatic system retained the information you sent us. SEE HOW MUCH WE CARE - NOW GIVE US MONEY."

      Maybe EB thinks you're a hobbit, so is hoping to get a present from you instead of the other way around.

        I've got their present right here! *points to anus*

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was busy. On Friday Cathryn's mum came down to check out the new house and see how we were doing, I spent the entire time playing Mafia 2 as after she had a tour of the house she sat down talking to Cathryn and knitting so I'm like "welp I'm gonna go do something else" so yeah.

    Saturday my family came down to check out the new place and stayed for lunch, while they were down my dad and brother helped hang a few paintings and dropped off my bedside tables as well as suprising me with an early Christmas present being a brand new BBQ \o/

    On Sunday we had originally planned to drive to Mornington shops but as we were getting ready to leave Cathryn's dad pulled up and dropped off his old coffee table for us as we didn't have one yet. Then my mate popped down as he was in brighton killing time and wanted to see the place so we hung out till he left at 2 and got lunch on the beach then drove to London Bridge to take a whole tonne of photos and me nearly lose my thongs to the waves it was crazy and heaps fun.

    A Monday question because of all the moving around a few taybies been doing, if you could have one room to be yours (man cave/girl cave/gaming room etc) which room of the house would it be?


        Is that because that's where the food is or because you like the social aspect of the kitchen?

          Kitchens to me are like the engine that keeps the house moving, so much of my time is spend talking to my mum in the kitchen, its a more informal way of talking to someone i think. Also food.

      Garage. It's big enough to fit a desk, a huge TV, a daybed, and all my books.

      And I've got it \o/ #brag

        That's what I was thinking our garage used to be a bedroom so no cars have been parked in it. But I think it is more likely going to be turned into a home gym.

      Off to a good start with a reply fail :S

      I'd probably like to have a crafting/sewing room where I can go and make things. But really, I have the kitchen already, where I also like to make things.

      Last edited 13/10/14 9:40 am

        Secondary kitchen? Half tiled have carpet so you can cook and create on one side while you sew and create on the other

          No carpet in my house, but what you describe pretty much happens already. When I have craft/sewing to do, I end up taking over the dining room table.

            Thats the best way to do it or build a sewing station

      My living room is my gamer cave. I say gamer cave and not man cave because my wife and I equally contributed to the design and decoration and slew of consoles/gaming paraphenalia.

      Now give me a proper house and a fat budget and I'll convert a basement into a gaming lounge that will blow your mind.

      I own a high-set house, and basically all of the ground level is my man cave. There is a closed in room that I have my PC, Consoles, TV and futon in but I've got enough space for a few tables outside which we play tabletop/card/board games on.

      My entire house is my man cave essentially.
      Tis pretty rad.

      We already do sort of have rooms to ourselves - our house has a rec room off from the living room that my boyfriend claimed, and then I have one of the spare bedrooms for my stuff. Granted at the moment it's filled with junk from the move that we still need to sort, but still.

      But, to answer your question, the kitchen.

      My whole entire flat, as the benefits of living alone yesssss I will play this game for 16 hours straight and no one will complain.

        Except your body the next day when its curled in the fetal position crying for sleep

    Finished Diablo III on the weekend, I guess i'm at the start of the Reaper of Souls content. Managed to finish the game at level 41 so I guess it really is a bit of a faceroll on Normal but every time I bumped it up to Hard I found the elite encounters frustrating. I guess it doesn't really matter what difficulty I play it on, I guess I just expected that I'd be level 70 around the time I hit the end boss. Or at least in the 60s.

      There is just so much endgame content that the story mode isn't even half of it. Everything changes once you hit Adventure Mode including drops and crafting materials. You'll go from a 400 dmg weapon to a 2500 in the space of half an hour, new monsters, quests and you get access to the rifts. It all changes again when you hit 70. And yet again when you bump up to Torment.

      Last edited 13/10/14 9:50 am

        Well fair enough then. I figured there had to be a fair amount of endgame stuff since I can't even train my blacksmith or jeweller any higher without some material I haven't seen in the game yet - I assumed it was from the Reaper of Souls expansion or something.

        I think the rifts only just got added to the console ports though, or were there rifts before and the ones just added are an addition?

      I think I played through the whole game on Master difficulty (or was it expert?) and ended up at around level 50 after the core content. It almost kinda expects you to play on a harder difficulty because you get better drops as well.

      I agree though the elite encounters on the harder difficulties get downright ridiculous and can feel incredibly cheap.

        I think on the weekend Freeze was mourning the loss of his level 65 Witch doctor on a hardcore run because he entered a new area and got one-shotted by some bullshit.

        Even on a non-hardcore run, I just don't have the patience for that.

    The bathroom. It's where I do everything!


      Reply fail!


      actually, no, this comment can stand on it's own.

      I knew I heard flushing in the background during yesterday's hard mode run!

        The stress gets to my stomach, y'see.

          You literally shit your pants in hard mode? =P

            lots of bodily fluids could have been observed during that period of time, yes.

      I probably spend as much time gaming on the toilet as I do at my desk.

    Out of curiosity anyone own and fly Quad copters?

    i ordered myself a WL toys V222 6-axis on the weekend with some spares as i'm keen to learn to use them, looking for beginner tips, local suppliers for spares (places like hobbyramma are massive ripofs), or anything specifically on AUS/QLD law on do's and donts?

      I don't think Qld has any specific laws regarding drones. They haven't caught up to it yet surprise surprise.

    Right, let's try this again.

    If you missed it late last night, here's the last pic of my PAX cosplay progress. Just have a few little finishing touches here and there still to do.

      That looks awesome! I love how well the stencil worked it looks amazing

        Thanks :) Going to wear it with my big fluffy petticoat underneath.

    MORNING!! What a weekend!!!

    4 year wedding anniversary on Friday. Gifts and flowers (and flours) were exchanged!

    Saturday we went to see The Lion King - it was f*cking AMAZING!! We saw it 8 or 9 years ago in Sydney and the show we saw on Saturday was all sorts of different and awesome! Our daughter (nearly 2) sat in our lap absolutely riveted for the entire show. She was clapping along with everyone else... and then clapped when Mufasa dies... and then clapped when Scar took over... I believe she has an evil streak in her somewhere...

    One of the best shows (if not the best) I've seen at the theatre in the last few years.

    Sunday was spent with the dogs, studying, chores, clothes shopping and finally getting my desktop up and running... Been the fiddly-est build ever. Also, getting SABnzbd, Sickbeard, Couchpotato all up and running on a fresh install took faarrrrr longer than I anticipated. No doubt I'll spend the next few weeks ironing the kinks out of all the automation...

    Also... another 4 day week! Woo! Off to Sydney on Friday for a wedding and weekend away shenanigans!

      Happy anniversary! And good to hear The Lion King is excellent - I have tickets for Christmas Eve.

        Thank you! :)

        The show's script has evolved so much and has some great laughs in it - plus a Disney cross over. The Australian cast are amazing when compared to other countries... We watched some videos on YouTube later on Saturday and none of them really compared.

        We were toodling around South Bank afterwards and one of the ensemble cast saw us with the merch bag and came over to say hello, asked about the show and how our daughter liked it (as she was clutching her Pumba plushy)... I'm almost ready to buy tickets to see it again.

    Good morning handsome and beautiful TAYbies.

    Friday night started well - on the train coming home and found out my oldest and dearest friend is engaged. Her girlfriend proposed to her in front of the Eiffel tower on her 30th birthday! So romantic. They live in London, where same sex marriage is legal, so I guess I'll be heading to the UK next year! Yay.

    The Wagyu meal went perfectly - gently seared wagyu, buttery garlic green beans, stacked potato cards and a miniature caramelised onion and mushroom tart. Boyfriend was very satisfied and it's going to become part of the rotation of fancy dinners, haha.

    Tried again to play Alien: Isolation, but I just can't. As much as I wanted to think I could handle it, I cannot. I've only just seen the alien once and that was enough, haha. I just really don't like the map/direction. I feel like there's not enough clear instruction. Either let me roam around freely with enemies I can actually battle, or make me stealth with proper directions.

      Congrats to your friends and to you for a UK holiday \o/

      That makes 2 now that have given up on alien isolation, you have a new compadre @evilmonkey

        Haha, thanks! And I should have known, really. I actually bought it hoping my boyfriend would play it and I would watch, but that backfired. I'm going to return it and use the money to pre-order Far Cry 4 (yesyesyesyesssss).

          Dragon Age? Dragon Age?! DRAGON AGE?!?!?!?!?

            I... I don't like Dragon Age?

            I wish I did; I expected to? Like, I dig on Bioware (Mass Effect is my true love), and I love RPGs and fantasy, but I just didn't gel with the first one. I'll probably try it again sometime, but not soon, I'd imagine.

              *gasp*..... You're dead to me! D= HOW COULD YOU?!

              *runs away crying*

        I've finished and loved it, but holy damn... Tense.

      I agree with that map, though. There was a time I spent twenty minutes getting to the other side of the map where the mission objective thing was only to realize it was on another deck. HAD TO GO ALL THE WAY BACK THROUGH THE ALIEN AGAIN. D:

    Hello. I ended up going on that rainforest wilderness ride on Saturday morning. Oh man. :D So intense, so fun, slightly sore from my injuries lol.

    Shit was intense, second half was barely 30-40cm path, with vines/trees/ferns/etc all over the place. First little bit was sweet - I turned up to threat of light sprinkle and rode the first bit through rainforest with everything wet. So good. Took a tumble when trying to take off (stupidity) and almost had another bad fall where I was hanging over a 2-3m drop by holding onto a vine. Cool stuff. Finished the ride and had a nice pie meal + beer at a pub along the way. :D

    Sunday saw Step Up, was alright but the previous movies were better I thought. Overall, decent weekend! You?

      Excellent. I stick to the bitumen but I love Tales Of Singletrack from my MTB comrades. Where was this?

        Eungella National Park, QLD.

          Oh beautiful. There's just endless amazing landscapes up that part of the coast. Well, in between the hundreds of km of cane anyway, which does get a little tedious from a recumbent... I can't remember exactly where I stopped along there as it was 2005 and the memories fade, but I did see some amazing stuff. Remember being wet for 4 days in a row north of Bowen.

    So after having lunch with my friend it is blatantly clear that her boyfriend has another girlfriend and she is just on the side.
    It's amazing how strong denial can be to hide the blatant truth.

      Yikes. She's going to bail on that loser, right?

        You ladies and your codewords. If I remember rightly 'bail' is to nail his balls to the kitchen table right?

        Nope. In her mind there’s still a tiny chance that he’s not doing this so she won’t bail unless she catches him red handed.

          Ah denial... The lies we tell ourselves are often the hardest to perceive.

      What kinda reasons can you see for it to be blatantly clear, if I may ask?

        He drops plans constantly. Like they actually paid for a hotel room at The Star over this weekend and he then told her last minute that he was busy with some stuff (wouldn’t elaborate) this weekend and won’t see her.
        He told her he was going away for 2 weeks to New Zealand. Day 4 she ran into him in the city.
        He won’t tell her where he lives and she’s never been to his house. Sometimes he gets messages from a female at 2-3am asking when he will be home. He says this is his Aunt who he lives with.
        He went away for the long weekend last weekend and didn’t bring her and went with some friends. The stories don’t match up between him and his friend over who organised the weekend and why his gf couldn’t come (other guys brought their gfs).

          Wow, that's pretty significant amount and depth. :(

    Anyone played the "Crew Expendables" DLC for Alien Isolation? The Alien just seems to know exactly where I am at all times, had about 30 attempts and it just keeps pacing back and forth everywhere I need to go, I didn't have nearly as much trouble in the main game.

      I haven't played the game so don't know anything about it, but maybe you're supposed to lure it away somehow...?

        yeah in the main game it works but the DLC is in a really confined space, takes the alien like 10 seconds to run end to end, I'unno I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. There aren't many components to make lures from that I can find either.

      I don't think I can play Crew Expendable. Atleast not yet. Nerves all rattled after complete game. Despite the fact I loved it so much, I was glad to see the credits roll.

    Morning y'all.

      Morning Virus, how did the weekend treat you

        It was alright. Did a whole lot of nothing, tried to watch Bathurst but due to poor TV reception that didn't happen so I watched more of Daria.

        How about yourself, Tigs?

          Pretty good, worked on Saturday and after I finished we took the little one to a 'french village fair" thing that the nearby school had on. Bought a few books for her and a couple of Clive Cussler ones for me. 5 bucks fill a bag :)
          Had some tea and scones before heading home.

          Sunday was nice, went to camberwell and checked out the market for a bit. Had to get a few presents so did that there, got me niece a nerf bow. Played some transistor, watched the last half of bathurst on and off, bathed Tiglet and had a roast dinner before heading to bed

          So a rather relaxed and enjoyable weekend

    So we attempted hard mode VoG this week and were promptly stomped on repeatedly for about 90minutes without making any solid progress. It would seem the Vex have bested us this weekend D=

    Unfortunately hard mode requires the team to be a minimum level of 29 which is impossible to reach without at least one piece of raid or exotic gear + having all your armor maxed out. So a rough estimate would require approximately 35-40 ascendant shards.

    Due to this a few of us have started thinking about running a second raid group (with alts to farm mats) over the weekend (most likely on Saturday morning). @blaghman @saturday @jocon @distantdrop @dire_wolf You guys all get first crack to register interest of course!

    For anyone else interested couple of minimum requirements - Level 26, have a level 20 blue void fusion rifle/shotgun, have a level 20 blue rocket launcher and finally have a headset! =P