The Borderlands Gun No One Can Figure Out How To Use

The Borderlands Gun No One Can Figure Out How To Use

The Sword In The Stone, 87 bazillion gun moon explosion edition. Spoiler alert.

Spoiler alert! Turn back lest ye be devoured by the sarlacc spoiler pit of planet Zephendel XII.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's most talked about gun is one nobody's using. Yet. The legendary weapon is called the Excalibastard, and here's a YouTuber named ZiggyD admiring its sensual curves and the sexy, sexy slab of mottled rock it's stuck in.

GameFront has handily made a video of how to find it.

Short version is, go to Triton Flats and head toward Stanton's Liver. You'll reach a bridge, but instead of crossing it turn left. Hop across the cliffs and eventually you'll come upon the proverbial gunsword in hovering gently above the stone.

Now the problem: no one can actually draw the Excalibastard from its craggy sheath at the moment. Nobody is entirely sure how to do it either, but the stubborn weapon's inscription reads "Art Thou Badass Enough", possibly implying that ability to draw it is tied to players' badass rank. That's what players on Steam and Reddit are speculating, anyway:

The Borderlands Gun No One Can Figure Out How To Use
The Borderlands Gun No One Can Figure Out How To Use

You can increase your badass rank by completing specific challenges, many of which are determined by your class.

I suppose we'll finally understand how exactly this all works when somebody finally draws the damn thing. Until then, more Arthurian Legends in wacky moon shooters, please. Like... like... a Holy Grail that grants laser immortality! Which is like normal immorality except you're instantly and painfully incinerated.


    The internet has really taken the mystery out of video games.

      Indeed. Sometimes nowadays even before a game is even out.

      This has been the case even with gaming magazines before. I was surprised to learn that Zelda was not that kid in green.

      True but I don't hang around in the schoolyard anymore so how else would I get this info?

    Remember, one must always equip their best radio voice when appearing on Youtube.

    At this point it feels like a race to make terrible videos about new games. There's no critique, there's no discussion, it's just lots of words about material that the average player would find in an average play through.

    Which is like normal immorality except you’re instantly and painfully incinerated.Isn't that normally the result of being immoral?

    Last edited 15/10/14 8:09 pm

      Not instantly. Normal immorality gets punished in the afterlife....

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