I Think I Prefer Third-Person Borderlands

Image: Emilio (YouTube)

Borderlands isn't traditionally a third-person loot shooter, but it sure does a damn good impression of one.

LordEmil1 has uploaded a mod that lets anyone play the recently remastered Borderlands entirely in third-person. It's not perfect - you'll go into first-person whenever you're being revived, but you can hit a button to switch back.

Beyond that, it's pretty effective! The UI doesn't have any major scaling issues, the in-game action looks good, and it's certainly a cooler way to see your characters' abilities in action. It's especially useful against major bosses, since you get a better sense of scale and their range.

I almost prefer the game in third-person, to be honest. The gun doesn't take up half your screen, and you've got better visibility on where all the enemies are coming from. There's mods out there to make third-person playable in Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, if you want.


    I prefer seeing my stupidly overpowered weapon in all it's glory rather than the character, and If I want scale I just play in VR.

      Yeah, because everyone has the option of playing in VR /s

        I do...so um yeah, as I said, if I want scale, I just play in VR.

        ...and people do have the option if they're interested.

    It's interesting, reminds me of some old school games, but at the same time it's kinda gross and ruins immersion.

      I find that third person increases immersion personally. First person typically feels like "tunnel vision" to me, like I was wearing "blinders" in the real world for example. In many first person games, I tend to feel like I have lost all peripheral vision and other cues that humans rely on in real live to be aware of what is going on around them.

      Some of that might be alleviated with different FOV values and super widescreen wrap around monitors and/or VR headsets etc, but I find that third person typically is a nice balance between immersion and achieving those elements.

      As a side bonus, if you're into character customisation, then I find that third person helps you enjoy that as well, more than first person does.

    this makes me want to turn my PC back on and get off my XB1!

    I want to see Brick punching a midget into a fine mist up close, thankyou very much.

    10/10 Would watch Lilith from behind for another 30 hours

      yeah definitely two round somethings in that gif that would convince me to play this in third person

    Well now I kinda wanna play Borderlands again. Between 1, 2, and the prequel plus all DLC, I might actually finish with the franchise by the time 3 comes out on Steam!

      Well fuck. I have just finished putting 157 hours into the pre-sequel doing the first playthrough, and 2/3 of the 2nd. I am not even done with Mass Effect Andromeda on my 4th or 5th Mass Effect playthrough. Is it really time to ignore every other game again and start back at Borderlands 1?

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