The New Borderlands Looks Pretty Good As A Third-Person Game

The New Borderlands Looks Pretty Good as a Third-Person Game

Usually, when code tinkerers shift camera angles on first-person games, the tweaks make things look really weird. Remember how weird Mirror's Edge looked from the third-person view? Surprisingly, that doesn't happen with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The switch in viewpoints comes from YouTube channel TFXLive, who let the world know about a similar tool for Borderlands 2. The mod supposedly improves aiming, too. A change like this is great for the Borderlands series, where the artwork for characters is so distinctive but winds up being hidden for the majority of the game.


    I hate that robot's voice acting and general character. I'll admit the third person view would make the game much more palatable for me though.

    The reason Mirror's Edge looked horrible in 3rd person is because it was strictly a single player game, therefore the animations were built specifically for the best looking view in first person. Any game that has a multiplayer system will have character animations designed to look good towards other players, hence the reason they look fine/good in this because it's a multiplayer game. Although I would like the option for 3rd person, I prefer an always 3rd person to 3rd person with ads swapping to first person as it can be quite jarring, except when needed such as when using a sniper rifle.

    Not sure how i feel about this game, the movement is utter rubbish the whole always bouncing thing, getting stopped by invisible walls and glitchy rocks/walls... the low gravity thing was fun for the first 5 minutes then just gets annoying, especially since the vehicles don't seem to be affected by it.
    The humour is way too boganish, Janey annoys the SHIT outta me...

    But because of how awesome Jack is, and because i love borderlands i cant stop playing it, its essentially an abusive relationship...

      I thought the movement was the best part of the game.

    I'm surprised they didn't include 3rd person view in the game since they had to animate for multiplayer mode anyway. I usually play 3rd person if it's available. At the moment I'm not sure why I would bother customising my character since I don't get to see it all that often!

    Man, I was only thinking about this the other day. I play as Claptrap and I really wanted to see his skins etc as I was roaming around. This is super cool.

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