The Dead Rogue Squadron Game Looked Great

The Dead Rogue Squadron Game Looked Great

Bummed out you never got a Rogue Squadron game on the Wii? Maybe you’ll be less bummed out to know that this newly released footage of the project makes it look fun. Or maybe that will just make you more upset. Whatever.

IGN have a trailer for the game, called Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leaders, which was a compilation of parts of previous Rogue Squadron games remastered (60fps) and retooled for play on the Wii.

While that sounds awful, that’s probably because you’re imagining it using motion controls. But it was also planned to support regular controls, as well as support for the Wii’s steering wheel and… balance board.

There was even a lightsaber fighting game in there (with Miis!). So yeah, this might actually have been really cool!

If you’re wondering what happened to this game, it wasn’t strictly cancelled or anything; the developers, Factor 5, went bust before it would be released, so somewhere is code for a game that’s practically done.

I would very much like to see this code.



  • I hate the look of the part where you can point anywhere on the screen and shoot there without pointing your ship in that direction. Looks so dumb.

    That said, still much want otherwise.

    • Me too. I’d kill for this. That part you mentioned would be negated by the many control options available too. Surely Nintendo could run it by/sort something out with Disney, up-res it and give it to us for Wii U. The game looks plenty nice enough, so an up-res is all it would need.

      Still, wishful thinking…

      • Yeah… which they don’t?

        I know there was some aim-assist like that in the original games, but it was within only a couple of degrees. Not a whopping >45º angle.

  • Damn LucasArts have a lot to answer for – I remember they had that XBLA version of Battlefront ready to go and they scrapped that too!

  • Why is it that game makers insist in making Star Wars games where you play as the Rebels, when everyone else wants to play the Empire?

  • Why would they want to name the game “Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leaders”? Surely just “Star Wars: Rogue Leaders” would suffice. It loses the branding of “Rogue Squadron” but most people would still get it.

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