The Most Unusual Sailor Moon Product Ever Released

The Most Unusual Sailor Moon Product Ever Released

Over the years, we've seen Sailor Moon stationery, fancy clothes, bags, pens, headphones, chopsticks, video games, underwear, toys, figurines, perfume, anime, dinner plates and live-action musicals. Now, as Yahoo! News reports, there's this: Sailor Moon sanitary pads.

As IT Media also reports, Japanese brand Elleair is rolling out the Sailor Moon feminine hygiene napkins on November 1 in Japan. Unlike many anime and game themed product collaborations, which tend to only feature the characters only on the packaging, this actually has Sailor Moon designs emblazoned on the pads.

The Most Unusual Sailor Moon Product Ever Released

Elleair already makes a line of all-night sanitary napkins that features a crescent moon logo, so perhaps that explains the branding? Maybe? That, or they have run out of things to put Sailor Moon on.

Be sure to check out the above video for a truly impressive collection of Sailor Moon merchandise. And, in case you missed it, check out (here, here and here) some of Kotaku's previous Sailor Moon Crystal coverage.

「セーラームーン」が生理用品とコラボ [Yahoo! News Japan]

Pictures: Elleair


    Gotta admit... I'm pretty surprised it was something so tame haha.

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