Tiny People Tripping Over Each Other

Tiny People Tripping Over Each Other

My favourite videos on the internet are the ones that are difficult to explain. "Why am I watching this? What makes this good?" This video of tiny 3D people falling down is one of those special videos.

VFX artist Dave Fothergill used a crowd-simulator for Maya called Miarmy to make a horde of running people, then knocked them the hell over with a huge rotating block. Like "going to the store" it's not terribly complicated — there's just something soothing about watching wave after wave of those little guys fall down.

Especially Waldo.

(via The Creators Project)


    Gah! For some reason they remind me of the zombies from World War Z...

      Funny you say that... It looks like some of their marketing is based on the idea that Miarmy can be used to create similar effects: http://youtu.be/Gt1L6snfj70?t=3m33s
      http://www.basefount.com/uploads/2/7/3/5/27358489/6043746_orig.jpg (this image is on the Miarmy website)

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    Mesmerising. I now must see this actually done in real life (you kind of got this on Wipeout, but not with that number of people, and I don't think they'd continue to lie down as the bodies pile up).

      I watched a wipeout supercut the other day. I no longer want to go on that show.

    WATCH THAT LAST RED GUY! oh god i lost it so hard "everyone look at me! im gonna get hit! im gonna do i-HNGGHG"

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