A Look At The Tech That Powers Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix just showed off this footage in Paris. It looks impressive. As you can see in the clip, via YouTube user Mika IIM, the demo shows off some of the game engine's fancy tech.

As soon as it starts going, that dude's head gets out of the way. Somewhat. You'll be happy to know he doesn't get into the way of Final Fantasy character pores.

Update: Now minus that dude's head!

Demo technique Final Fantasy XV [Mika IIM Thanks, imrandaredevil!]


    Hmmm...do I like this Paris or AC Paris more...?

    Square Enix appear to be firing on all cylinders atm when it comes to FF15

    Give it to me now! (Hides in the corner in a fetal position.)

    looks great... now the plot.. is a different.... story.
    hoping it's up to snuff.

    Somewhere along the line square Enix and Pantene merged companies.

    And JRPG characters everywhere started wearing manbags.

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