Cops Raided Game Studio Because They Thought It Was A Gambling Den

Cops Raided Game Studio Because They Thought It Was A Gambling Den

Staff at the Indonesian branch of mobile gaming giant Gameloft got a bit of a surprise on Monday, when police raided the office believing it to be an “an online gambling den”.

Maybe they had gotten a bad tip, maybe they were jumping to conclusions about mobile gaming in general, but local news site Tribun Jogja (via Tech In Asia) say the police came twice, once without a warrant — where they “tried to force their way past security” anyway — and the second time with one.

Seems the police were convinced there was some bad stuff going on at the office, questioning a lot of employees about the kind of prizes consumers earn for playing their games.

There are also reports that “a policeman even punched building security in the face while trying to get in without warrant”.

Eventually the police left without any charges being laid, what with Gameloft being a video games developer and not actually a gambling den. Tech In Asia speculate the cause of the raid was a simple lack of understanding on the part of authorities of what a video game developer’s job actually was.

Indonesia police mistake Gameloft office for illegal gambling den [Tech In Asia]
Ups Polisi Salah Gerebek [Tribun Jogja]


    • Just imagining a cartoony scene with police charging in the front door and tuxedo clad men tip toeing out the back alley before they get there.

  • It’s kind of like the laundromat in Breaking Bad that was really just a laundromat because authorities didn’t find find anything.

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