Custom Amiibos Do What Nintendon’t

Custom Amiibos Do What Nintendon’t

Nintendo’s Amiibo line may one day accommodate all sorts of characters, variants and in-jokes, but for now, it’s limited to a few major characters from Smash Bros. That is, if you’re sticking with the ones you can buy.

Folks are already customising their Amiibo figures, painting variants based on existing characters and even modifying them to hold or wear new items.

The AC Villager is a masterstroke.

(via Tiny Cartridge)

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  • I forsee someone customising the samus amiibo to be the highly anticipated fusion suit & dark samus & any other good suit

    • Are you blind or have you not seen the originals? In that case the second link has a custom shield, pikachu has goggles put on, and the others are different paint jobs.

      • I think it would have been a good move to include images of the originals. For some I can tell the paints changed but others I’m not sure how much has changed because I haven’t seen the line myself. No need to call someone blind just because they don’t know the range of amiibos….

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