If Zelda Was Blade Runner, It Would Sound A Lot Like This...

Blade Runner's soundtrack is absolutely timeless, but it's also totally a product of its time. That's what makes it so spectacularly memorable. The Legend of Zelda also has a fairly memorable soundtrack. What if we could combine the two?

Really this is just a cool, well produced cover of Zelda's Lullaby, but I love it. I love that synth sound and the arrangement immediately reminded me of Blade Runner. If Zelda suddenly decided to change pace and go all sci-fi and futuristic, this is exactly how I'd want the game to sound.

Actually, I'd be happy with Zelda sounding like this no matter where it was set!


    I've yet to be able to sit through the entire movie, and the soundtrack contributes a lot to that. If by timeless you mean it bores me to tears, then agreed!

      You're a terrible person who probably has terrible tastes in most things if you can't appreciate one of the best sci fi flicks of all time.

    With the little Fez character in the background, it actually made me think this sounds like Zelda crossed with Fez. Awesome

    Guess it's cool to hate on Blade Runner these days. It's still one of my favourite movies of all time. To me, it's the perfect marriage of visuals, sounds and plot. I still listen to the soundtrack constantly.

    This video is definitely more Giorgio Moroder than Vangelis though. Great vid!

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