OneChanbara Z2 Pushes The Limits Of Console Game Fanservice

OneChanbara Z2 Pushes The Limits Of Console Game Fanservice

There are a lot of console games out there these days with more than a little sexual fanservice in them. There are even some where fanservice is a core element. But then there’s OneChanbara Z2, which pushes the boundaries of fanservice you can have in a console title to a whole new level.

Note: This article is NSFW and contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Even in its default settings, the amount of fanservice in OneChanbara Z2 is something to behold as two of the four main characters are clad in tiny string bikinis. In cutscenes you get constant T and A closeups and the jiggle physics in general are only outdone by the Dead Or Alive series.

Moreover, the vast majority of unlockables in this game are clothing-related — be that new accessories or full-blown costumes. Of course, considering that the characters start out in bikinis by default, it’s not like the unlockable costumes could be even more revealing… oh… wait.

OK, so the unlockable costumes are even more fanservicey than the default bikinis. But at this point, the fanservice couldn’t get any more extreme! I mean any more and they’d basically have to be naked!

Oh, hey! A DLC costume that came in the game box. Let’s see what this is — mother of god!

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. This costume is nothing but two chocolate strawberries to cover her nipples and a banana between her thighs. And if we turn her around…

Yep, the banana is half peeled to get that extra smidgen of coverage. Still, I guess she is technically not topless so the game hasn’t crossed that li — oh, of course it has.

In OneChanbara Z2, the characters have new transformation modes. When transformed, some of the girls are no longer wearing even as much as two chocolate strawberries. Kagura, for example, is clearly bare-chested — even if her breasts are now conspicuously nipple-less.

But let’s be serious for a moment. This is a game about killing zombies in mass quantities. There is so much blood and gore on your screen at any time, it’s not like the fanservice is really all that noticeable when playing. I mean, it’s not like there’s an extra option to make even blood splatters covering the characters into something sexual.

…Oh, hey! Check this out. You can change the blood colour to white. …But why would anyone want to do that?

Because white-coloured blood is scarier?

OneChanbara Z2: Chaos was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on October 30, 2014. There is currently no word on an international release.


  • OneChanbara Z2: Chaos was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 on October 30, 2014. There is currently no word on an international release.

    you know, I really want to see someone try to release this game outside of Japan, unedited. It would be ever so amusing to see them try to justify this.

    • Hey, Senran Kagura got a localisation.

      Also previous versions of the game have made their way here, under the title Bikini Zombie Slayers I think. There was one on Wii.

  • Its always interesting that:

    we find scantily dressed women in ridiculous situation so controversial (granted, even I thought the “fruit” costume is just ridiculous), but we are perfectly okay with running through cities gunning down just about anything that moves (ala, just about every shooter/action game)

    I actually find the normal costumes (i.e. the bikinis) perfectly fine for a game with such a crazy setting anyways. Its akin to Bayonetta in its craziness. (as I said earlier, the other costumes, however….)

    • That’s the wacky Americans for you though. I’ve read a lot of stories about mothers having no problem with their under 15s buying games with guns, violence, dismemberment, torture, humans with 20 litres of pressure packed blood and the likes. As soon as it’s mentioned there’s a hint of sexual themes though, out comes the righteous indignation.

  • Oh plz don’t have the melona from queen’s blade cosplay dlc in this game, also mu-12 from blazblu.
    ps. The reason that this game exists in japan, not the west, is because japs go into taboo subjects with their games, while the west have been raised for a millenia that sex is bad, thus people from the west craving these taboo games from japan

    • But it is in the west. Not this specific entry, but other games in the series have come to the west.

  • Wow, the video game reviewer almost discussed gameplay for a moment back there. That was a mortifyingly close call. Good thing it took a sharp turn back to that signature brand of completely unwarranted righteous indignation.

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