Remember The Last-Gen Assassin's Creed Comes Out This Week

Video: Remember the last-gen Assassin's Creed comes out this week too. Unity's been getting all the hype from Ubisoft, but Rogue looks like it might be improving on the best parts of last year's Black Flag.


    All hype for rogue but I'm holding out for PC now I guess.

      Me too. There are enough games out at the moment that this has been moved to the backburner. It might return to the front plate if Unity runs like rubbish on my gaming PC

    It’ll be interesting to see how much they try to progress the main Assassins Creed canon with this game.

    I’m not certain that a lot of people still care but I’m not going back to last-gen to keep up with the story. I enjoyed Black Flag but this would be a big step back for players who enjoyed it on the Xbone/ PS4.

    I actually have Rogue pre-ordered, I really have no interest in Unity. I felt like I was forcing myself to play Black Flag but I found myself really enjoying it. To the point I don't even consider Rogue as an AC game, as far as I know I'm going to be playing "Do what you want cause a Pirate is free: AC edition".

    I played both games at PAX. I found Unity to be just another AC game. Also doesn't help I broke the game and got stuck in the wall, twice (and why could sentries see me through buildings?).
    As for Rogue, I pretty much managed to do everything in the demo within the time limit. To the point one of the Ubisoft staff had to stop me doing something else because it wasn't available in the demo.

    I really want to play this, though I wish I could just swallow a pill or something that would make me think I did...No time to commit to it right now... :(

      There's plenty of time, just ignore whatever else you're doing.

    This looks better than Unity to me

    I'm way more interested in this than Unity but would really prefer it on PS4, I don't know what to do :/

      Wait for the inevitable HD edition, I'd put money on it happening.

        I'm guessing digital only, and minus the multi-player (don't want to split the user base between Unity and Rogue on platforms where both are released).

        I'll take this advise, or attempt to, patience isn't one of my strong suites.

    ill definately be picking this one up when it comes out on pc

    Somehow I missed that this was coming out. Maybe I just assumed it was some sort of expansion pack or iOS game or something.
    If this was a game where they started getting experimental and really mix things up, due to the likely limited sales this will have, I’d be pretty interested. But after some googling its basically the exact same as Black Flag with a slightly different environment and an airgun and a grenade launcher (wut).
    I'll keep an open mind but I doubt this is going to convince me to buy.

    AC Rogue has been confirmed by Ubisoft that it will be out on PS4 and Xbox 1 next year. So an HD version.

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