Rockstar’s Great Game About High School, Beaten Ridiculously Fast

Rockstar’s Great Game About High School, Beaten Ridiculously Fast

Hey, look, an excuse to think about and watch Bully again.

Every so often some high-powered shot-caller at Rockstar will say that they really want to make a Bully sequel. But it’s been all talk so far. So, fans of Jimmy Hopkins’ adventures at Bullworth Academy will have to content themselves with this new world record speedrun.

Twitch streamer Kristoffer/Trulijin logged a time of 2:42:47 playing the Bully: Scholarship Edition version. (For some context, a previous world-record run from last year clocked in at 2:49:25.) Not bad for an open-world game.

Watch live video from Truljin on Twitch

The thing about speedrunning is that — even though players are literally exploiting the weaknesses of a game’s design — it comes from a place of great affection. So, hopefully, the powers that be at Rockstar can see something like this and take that Bully sequel off the backburner.


  • Too bad the game is an absolute mess on PC. Really enjoyed it on the old PS2 back in the day though.

    • I played it on PC. I don’t remember it being THAT bad. But it was like 2007, so I could be wrong.

    • I’m playing the Scholarship Edition on PC at the moment, clocked up around 10-20 or so hours and haven’t had a single problem with it at all. Maybe it’s been patched sufficiently in the last few years.

      Well, no problem except for Steam all of a sudden deciding I don’t have the game installed, but pretty sure that’s a Steam issue. And I can’t re-“install” it as I’ve just moved house and don’t have the internet yet.

      • Maybe @fistfullofflour was referring to the 30 FPS cap? It is easily removed with a modded .exe and runs quite well at 60 FPS.

        • Nice, thanks for the heads up, I did a mod search before I started to see what was available but that one somehow escaped me. A modded .exe might solve my Steam install issue, too.

        • Yeah I was stuck on 30fps , didn’t know about the mod. That and I was trying to use a keyboard and mouse and the controls sucked. Definitely made for a console controller.

        • Mine actually didn’t work on any PC I’ve tried over the years… I’ve had 3 and my most recent one still won’t work, I’ve found loads of forums barking about the same problems I’ve had so I know it isn’t an isolated issue. Basically, half the geometry won’t appear. Anywhere. Ever. I literally thought for ages that the game was just flat-out broken and no one could play it.

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