Rockstar Registers New Trademark For Bully — Is A Sequel On The Way?

Rockstar Registers New Trademark For Bully — Is A Sequel On The Way?

For some, Bully is one of the greatest Rockstar games ever made, but since the game was released in 2005 and then re-released on the Wii and 360 in 2008, we’ve heard nothing regarding any kind of sequel — not even rumours. Until now.

It’s flimsy, but Junkie Monkeys found a trademark, registered as recently as November 20 for ‘Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit’. This in itself means nothing, it could just be Rockstar protecting their brand should they decide to make a sequel, but I get the feeling that fans of the first game will be feeling a tiny flutter in their collective hearts right now.

CVs of developers working at Rockstar seem to reveal that Rockstar is currently working on a big title based on an existing IP. It could be Bully, it could be Red Dead Redemption. It could be the next bloody Table Tennis game for all we know. Personally, I hope it’s a new Red Dead game but that’s just me.

But it is worth noting that Dan Houser himself has expressed interest in returning the Bully universe.

Rockstar Preparing to Bring Bully Sequel to PS4 & Xbox One? [Junkie Monkeys]



    • I think you might be right. But even if it is, it still means Rockstar sees potential value in it and if it sells well, could create a sequel. Good news either way, to me

    • This seems the likely option, seeing as Rockstar have released alot of the GTA games on the mobile platform…

      That being said, we can only dream of a sequel… Jimmy at Uni perhaps?

  • I’d love to see Rockstar have another crack at Bully. It was a really enjoyable game, but often felt like the first experimental attempt at something a bit different that it was. It’s a GTA3, and Rockstar can now take the knowledge and confidence they’ve gained from that game to make their Bully Vice City equivalent.

  • Recently bought the original while it was $5 on the Xbox Marketplace. Sure brings back some memories, was a great game! Fingers crossed it is a sequel.

  • Bully’s a solid IP. When parents balked at buying GTA for their kids but wanted “something similar”, Bully was always my first recommendation.
    A next-gen sequel would be awesome.

  • Well considering when Bully was originally released it was titled “Canis Canem Edit” & later re-released as “Bully: Scholarship Edition” if anything this sounds like another rehash of the game, possibly for portable gaming like mentioned above.

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