The Evil Within Turned Into A Two-Hour Horror Flick

The Evil Within Turned into a Two-Hour Horror Flick

Short on time, but interested in The Evil Within? Gamebill Studio is here to help.

Like Gamebill's other projects, The Evil Within: The Movie comes with a few improvements to help the game's transition to moviehood. In the words of editor Nabil Ayari, these are:

I captured the game in 60 frames per second thanks to the debug mod in the PC version,

I removed all of the HUD,

I've added new camera views,

I edited some cutscenes,

I've added a lot of sound effects and some new music inspired by the first Resident Evil to pay tribute to Mikami Shinji and some music composed by 2 of my friends,

and a lot of stuff...

It makes for a pretty good movie. Take a look if you have, well, two hours to spare:

The Evil Within The Movie [Gamebillstudio@YouTube]


    Really well done.... guess I don't need to play it now.

    I'm playing this ATM so not going to watch, but i'm pretty close to rage quitting so maybe I will...

    I'm up to the bit in a house where Ruvik just appears at seemingly random intervals and follows you around. It's so frustrating because as you're walking/running around trying to avoid him he will just teleport on top of you and instakill you out of nowhere. it happened about 5 times in a row last night and i was sooo close to throwing the controller through the TV. Doesn't help that the load time to restart the section takes an annoyingly long time.

      Its a shame about the stuff like that in the game - it had potential the amount of crappy combat and moments like this ruined the game completely for me.

      I was so pumped for an awesome horror title too

        I'm gonna persevere for now, try some different strategies and see how it goes because i want to see it through. I just really don't want to drop the difficulty down a notch though as the whole point is for it to be hard as that's what 'survival horror' games are all about, but this bit is ridiculous and annoying.

        Last edited 28/11/14 12:37 pm

          The "boss" fight in the furnace with the virtually unkillable screaming banshee thing (the thing that kills you with one touch) is what made me say enough is enough

          Especially after that horrible gun fight a few scenes before where that team member is trapped in the glass box and you have wave after wave of enemies... thats not what horror survival is about

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