The Honest Trailers For Smash Bros Nails How Silly The Game Is

OK, look. As much as I love Smash, even I can admit the entire premise of the game is ridiculous. Never mind all the tensions about how one should "actually" play such a silly (but amazing) game.

Smosh Games hilarious breaks down Smash Bros, and then does the time-honoured tradition of renaming all the Smash characters silly things. Because of course they do.

SUPER SMASH BROS (Honest Game Trailers) [Smosh Games]


    "The dude Link wants to bang" is probz my fav now.

    "Congratulations you're now Japanese"......classic

    I lost it after Pikachu was renamed to Down+B. Too true...

      The trailer was pretty "meh" until that moment; oh god, that is just waaay too accurate.

      Lost it too.

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