There’s No Avoiding The New Call Of Duty

There’s No Avoiding The New Call Of Duty

People say they don’t want it. But somehow, every year, the new instalment of Activision’s blockbuster FPS series winds up in their homes.

Dorkly‘s new strip about Call of Duty pokes fun at how complaints about annualized franchises can come from the unlikeliest people. He may be a jerk but at least the dude with the Affinity gamertag in Good Game‘s comedy sketch isn’t exactly part of the problem he rants about. Guessing that he’s not going to trade in Advanced Warfare, though.


  • Ha! I win! I managed to give up Call of Duty and avoided Ghosts last year and I have avoided Advanced Warfare this year!

    • Ghosts and WaW where the only ones I managed to avoid (poor reviews and sick of WWII respectively), but I just got suckered back in to Advanced Warfare, it looks new enough to interest me.

      • I wish I could be interested in Advanced Warfare but the yearly releases have just drained any and all enthusiasm for the franchise that I can’t bring myself to do it again.

        Maybe next year when Treyarch comes back to show everybody how it’s done.

      • World at War was the second last one I played (I really enjoyed MW2 but the lack of local match making after getting used to it in WaW burned me out on the franchise). It wasn’t ground breaking but as far as the fundamentals go they did a great job of it.

        I’d be tempted to get back in with Advanced Warfare if it were a slower release period, but as it is I don’t have the time for the games I do have.

        • MW2 burned a lot of people because of that reason. But something weird happened. Unlike other developers who lack that important setting *cough343cough* they actually came back several months later and fixed the matchmaking service to have you playing against other players in your area.

          Yeah, the option wasn’t there. It would begin its search at 50 ping then every 5 seconds later increase that ping rating by 10, but at least you could cancel once you reach 100 ping and start again at 50.

          • Also killstreaks being ridiculously overpowered and intervention quickscoping. That sapped a lot of the fun.

          • Oh I remember that. You ran around the map like The Flash on speed, and could insta-shank people from like 20 metres away.

          • Lol! Man, the first thing I think of when people talk about MW2 is damn akimbo 1887’s…… Watching the killcams of those were the most infuriatingly wtf moments of my gaming life….

          • Worst moment for me is once I was on a roof shooting people with a UAV up. I see a red dot approaching me and I know it’s double 1887s. So I got up, turned left, sprint and jumped off the building, only to get shot.

            In the Killcam, I see him sprinting up to me, clearly outside the normal shotgun range, looks up (can’t aim) to where I am, I see myself jumping off the roof and outside his reticle, still gets shot.

            I wasn’t even within the boundaries of the bloomed out reticle and I still got sniped with shotguns.

          • Yeah but it was a day one feature that was broken and they refused to even talk about it being broken for like a month. At which point they rambled on about some over engineered solution, which eventually showed up months later. I don’t think they ever actually acknowledged that the feature was broken.
            The sting of having it in the B-teams World at War but not the bajillion dollar Modern Warfare 2 made things feel a lot worse too. I absolutely loved the game for about the first 18 hours before it released in the US. =(

          • Yeah, I remember the first day. All I saw was green.

            But at least they didn’t think up some BS reason and told their playerbase to keep playing until their “system” rates your connection and places you with people in your area.

    • I missed MW1, Loved WaW, MW2 (loved SP and Co-op but hated MP), Black ops got me hooked on MP, MW3 was the worst COD released and I avoided it, returned for BO2, never got too motivated with it and skipped Ghost. I did pick up AW and so far it seems ok (first COD on PC as well) – but I promise never to complain about the BF4 net coding, once you have spent some time in player hosted games, you will learn how irrelevant BF’s coding issue becomes haha

  • I guess I’m an anomaly since I don’t think I’ve ever played a CoD game eh. I think I’ve watched housemates play one though. They were playing some military shooter with a zombies mode. Is that CoD? Or something else?

    I guess when it comes to shooters I prefer sci-fi stuff over “modern military” stuff.

    • I think I might have had the 2nd one on the 360, but I’m not sure. It might have been another military shooter. I love FPS, but haven’t gotten into CoD, not even sure why that is.

    • I played one of the CoD games once, and it did nothing for me. I’m sure it might be a great competitive game, but like you, I prefer something a little different in my shooters! If I wanted to play with realistic military weapons, I’d join the army or something!

    • I think I’m with you. Played CoD once or twice at a mates… Not that I play FPS games much anyway, but I’d be more inclined to play a Sci-fi one, if any.

    • I played COD 1-3, campaign only. They were fine, but never really did it for me. I like multiplayer shooters but if they have a campaign, I like it to be more than just a training ground for online.

      Played a round of Ghosts or MW3 or one of the newer ones at a friend’s recently. Didn’t do it for me…I think it’s the arcadiness of them.

  • I always say I’m not going to buy it this year…Then this niggling feeling comes over me “What if they’ve improved it this year?” It’s been a very disappointing few years.

    But Advanced Warfare has come the closest to that CoD4 feeling so far, it’s not bad.

    • I TRIED the cult after playing Battlefield. I saw through the lies and went back to BF. What do they say? Once you go Battlefield you go back? I don’t know. 🙁

  • Not sure why it matters either way. I buy it every year, finish single player, play some multi and have fun with it. AW is a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying it. Whatever.

    What’s more concerning is why CoD is the gold standard for making sure people know you’re not into something, just to save some face. Who cares? If you like it, play it.

    • People are more annoyed about how CoD is influencing other franchises, or rather influencing other producers to force developers to immitate the franchise.

      • I don’t believe for a second that’s why every CoD release sparks an internet wide ‘I CARE LESS ABOUT COD THAN YOU AND I’M FREE/AWESOME/NON-CONFORMIST AS A RESULT.’ competition.

        Come up with all the reasons you like, for most it’s a fucking popularity contest to see who can act the least interested.

        I went through a CoD hate phase around MW2 – not because I was sick of it, but because that’s what everyone was doing. Then I grew up and realised I’m a functioning adult who can play whatever the fuck I want without worrying what the internet thinks of me as a result.

        I mean if CoD genuinely isn’t your thing, or you’re tired of it – I can understand. I certainly don’t think less of anyone as a result. I just hypothesise 90% of the inevitable grandstanding is just people just trying to look cool on the internet.

        Funny that no one seems to bat an eyelid over three Assassin’s Creeds coming out in like a month, or whatever it is. That’s cool.

  • Who else wishes they would sell the singleplayer and multiplayer separately for half price. I wouldn’t mind playing the multiplayer but I don’t want to pay full price for it.

    • Ditto. I’d love to just play the single player (if they fixed their FoV issues, at least) but I’m done with spending $50+ on a 6 hour campaign.

      Edit: That said, I’d be a bit annoyed if the price were split was 50/50 – if the demand is higher for the multiplayer, and the single player has vastly less content and replayability, I’d expect the SP portion to be cheaper than the MP portion. Both from a business perspective (charge higher where the majority are), and from a consumer value perspective.

  • have always enjoyed the cod games.
    I always complete the SP and also enjoy a bit of MP (Have never prestiged as my attention span does not last that long)

    Based on the above I was excited for advanced warfare.

    Picked it up midnight launch and played multi the next day and I can’t put my finger on why but I can not enjoy the MP this time.

    I struggle to get a kill. Some rounds i am lucky to get a shot off as I get spawn killed.

    Thought was the whole exo suit that was killing my enjoyment of it but tried the classic lobbies and feel the same about it.

    Rightly or wrongly I feel as i am a very casual player i have been pushed out of the franchise as it appears to me that with MP in advanced you need to sink many hours into it to get good enough to make a match remotely enjoyable.

    Will finish off the SP at some point but my usual enthusiasm is now lacking

  • Ive played em all BUT I was fading my enthusiasm after Black Ops 2 and it was an appropriate feeling of “Meh” for Ghosts…

    That said I have no idea yet if Advanced Warfare is good or not anyone owning the game rate its multiplayer as better or worse then previous installments (namely ghosts)?

    • Ghosts was overwhelmingly Meh stumbling into Bad Territory. I didn’t really care for Black Ops 2 either.

      I’ve had more fun in 5 matches of multi of AW than I had in the entirety of Ghosts.

  • Yeah, Call of Duty just seems like the scapegoat used so that literally every other AAA game (Except maybe GTA) gets a free pass for doing the exact same thing.

  • I know someone who plays the new CoD games when they come, I’m guessing other people I know do too, but if they do they don’t much talk about it.

  • I haven’t played CoD since the very first one and tbh I didn’t even like what I played.

  • I’m sure that CoD has a lot going for it, but I just don’t like first person games of any description. It baffles me, but I just find them completely unengaging.

  • Have not played Call Of Duty since Modern Warfare 3 and I have no intention to get back into it.

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