This Might Be The Ghost In The Shell FPS You've Been Waiting For

This Might Be The Ghost in the Shell FPS You've Been Waiting For

South Korea's Nexon just released a trailer for its upcoming Ghost in the Shell first-person shooter. The online title is for PC and looks like it could be a good time.

According to an Inven interview, the game is slated for the first half of next year. Locations from Ghost in the Shell have been turned into game maps, and the title will have micro-transactions that, apparently, won't muck up the game balance.

No word yet on whether this will see a release outside South Korea.

공각기동대 온라인 — 트레일러 영상 [Nexon/YouTube — Thanks Sang!]


    damn a ghost in the shell video game that is such a great idea, especially a single player mode like deus ex human revolution :P damn i love cyberpunk futuristic games, looks good enough to interest me, the artstyle looks more superior to black light retribution

      Ghost in the shell would fit perfectly into a game like Deus Ex. I think I’d prefer it to be third person so the hand-to-hand combat fits better but the tone, pacing and world size would all fit really well for a GitS game.

      Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red is the game pin your hopes on if you are a cpunk fan.

    Tachikoma rides!!!

      HAHA got to admit I was hoping there'd be Tachikoma involved

    So, word around the traps is that Nexon are pretty shitty with their products, generally pay-to-win FPS', ripping off other properties... That alone doesn't sound very good...

    That said, why the fuck would you turn such a story rich property into a team based online only FPS? Of all the genres to pick, this would be the least story focused!

      why the fuck would you turn such a story rich property into a team based online only FPS?

      That was my first thought too.

      I would think something more like MGS would work, but add in a mechanic for switching between team members to use their strengths (almost like GTA5 but with more of a point). Open world neo tokyo, open plan mission structure (eg follow up the leads and investigate however you want, go wherever you need to etc), stealth scenarios but also full on gun fights, political intrigue, moody visuals, and of course utilising 'the net' to investigate and gather info as well as communicate with team members (and online players). The possibilities are vast and infinite.

      Dammit now i'm all excited for something that doesn't exist.

        Holy crap. You just had me imagining a Ghost In The Shell version of GTA5's Heists as a game on its own. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME.

          We can weep on each others shoulders.

        Something more like MGS... which happened to have a kickass online team based shooter mode.

          Yea so good. Sunk many hours into it.

      That said, why the fuck would you turn such a story rich property into a team based online only FPS?
      Unfortunately thats kind of the problem with GitS, in that it has awesome tech and weapons but also goes deeper with the story and characters. And only one of those is easy to turn into a game and it seems they went obviously with the tech and weapons :/

      Hell, they could at least make it less a twitch shooter GitS-skinned CoD and more strategic; something along the lines of either Battlefield or even Rainbow 6

      Last edited 21/11/14 9:54 am

      That said, why the fuck would you turn such a story rich property into a team based online only FPS? Of all the genres to pick, this would be the least story focused!
      What this game seems to offer is the day-to-day Section 9 experience outside of major cases. GITS' Section 9 is a team that uses guns and tech to engage organised criminals; in that sense a team-based FPS is the perfect genre for a GITS game.

    There was a lot more shooting than I expected from Ghost In The Shell - their idea of stealth is apparently firing a machine gun while invisible...

    MMMMmmmm Ghost in the Shell..... Blurrrrghhhhhh Nexon

    No, It is NOT the Ghost in the Shell game I've been waiting for. Not even close.

    If it is for you, I won't hold it against you. Much.

    Over the years I've tried many Nexon games. MapleStory, Mabinogi, Shattered Galaxy, Vindictus, Dragon Nest... Some of them are really good games. Shattered Galaxy (which I'm not sure actually comes under their umbrella anymore) and Vindictus do some interesting things.

    But monetization in Nexon games has always been centre stage, the most visible part of damn near ANY task in ANY game.

    The rate of progress without paying anything may be relatively benign compared to even more egregious companies in the Asian region, it's definitely at the upper limit of what Western gamers will tolerate.

    The primary failing of their monetization is its persistent attention-whoring. Many games offer ways for you to pay away the nagging, or paying to remove the suck. Nexon's monetization is like a more aggressively pervasive form of Cryptic's F2P style.

    You can never stop it from hawking its wares, you can never pay enough to make it shut up, put the fucking SALE buttons away, and let you get on with enjoying the game without metaphorical dollar signs everywhere you look.

    This is the last thing I wanted for Ghost In The Shell.
    It's like seeing an old, fondly-remembered friend shack up with an abusive meth dealer.

    Last edited 21/11/14 10:32 am

    This looks a LOT like a GiTS mod for blacklight: Retribution more than anything. The graphics, maps, guns, sounds, HUD and icon all look like it and that "detect" mode is also straight out of it.
    Also have to ask: What's the point? at the end of the day it's just a shooter with ghost in the shell skins on everything, it appears to make no real use of the universe of GiTS at all other than looks and a name.
    The ghost in the shell game I'VE been waiting for would look a hell of a lot more like Deus Ex.

    Wait a minute, I thought you had to get NAKED in order to go invisible.

    Am I missing some kind of extended-universe stuff? Or is this to stop people screaming, "THIS IS SEXIST!!!" Even though it was always present in the source material?

      This is based off Stand Alone Complex, which ditched the naked requirement (and even then they weren't technically naked, you just had to wear a skin-tight flesh covered suit that made you invisible as per Word of God. That it did nothing to not make you look naked was never really addressed).

    After watching this trailer, my first thought it how much potential this has to slap Overwatch right across its stupid Calarts-looking face.

    >Cuts immediately to a close-up of Makoto's cleavage.

    Well, you can't say they DON'T get the appeal of Ghost in the Shell...

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