Ubisoft Says It’s Working On Fixing Assassin’s Creed Unity

Ubisoft Says It’s Working On Fixing Assassin’s Creed Unity

Aside from being one of the dullest entries in the best-selling series, Assassin’s Creed Unity appears to be riddled with bugs. While some of these problems are funny, others make the game hard to play. Today, Ubisoft is talking about how it’s going to start fixing the newest Assassin’s Creed game.

A blog post on the official Assassin’s Creed blog says that a patch is incoming — though no timeframe is given — that will address some of the more common problems plaguing the new release:

We are currently working on our next update that will help address some of the specific issues some players are having, including:

  • Arno falling through the ground.
  • Game crashing when joining a co-op session.
  • Arno getting caught inside of hay carts.
  • Delay in reaching the main menu screen at game start.

In addition, we are already looking into many of the other issues you’ve told us about and we have more updates planned. This list doesn’t capture everything, but here are the most widely-reported problems we’ve heard about from you:

  • Frame rate issues.
  • Graphical and collision issues.
  • Matchmaking co-op issues.
  • Helix Credits issues.


  • I air assassinated one guy so hard I pushed through the bridge into the river and through to the void. Also had some latency with Coop (one case all day so better then I expected) where I stabbed everyone while my teammate teleported all over the place then I died cause I was attacked by dead men.

    Also the game froze 3 times for 30sec then kept running I blame that on my machine not meeting minimum specs.

    But I’m enjoying running around, love to see AC2 remade on this engine when they iron it out. Help I’m a fanboi D:

  • Yeah if they didn’t forcefully try to push for a game every goddamn year, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

  • Played it last night at a mates and was fairly disappointing, sooo many glitches, poor framerate, popping up textures and character models, even the climbing was shonky as. Hopefully they can fix it then will pick it up later on.

  • With all of this I keep thinking – imagine how far the game will come. I mean compare AC1 with Black Flag on the previous generation. That came a long way – so we’re bound to see some pretty nice looking games in a few years. (They look nice now, but you get what I mean).

  • ….. and thanks for all your pre paid cash, we will finish it off now.

    Don’t worry FC4 will be here soon…. So you play that and tell us all 4 billion bugs with it while we fix AC5 for you…

    • Lucky that review embargo was in place so all those saps who’d already paid money couldn’t be told what a POS the game is right?

      • Review embargos suck, I think all decent reviewers should refuse anything that has an embargo date that is after the release date.

  • Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I reckon “working on fixing” something is generally something that should be happening BEFORE it’s released, not after you’ve put it out there and taken everybody’s money. If I offered them half the money now and the rest in several instalments over a month or two after release, they wouldn’t give me the game. But it’s OK for them to take the money, give us a partially completed game, and (maybe) finish it in a few patches after release.

    This has been an issue on PC’s for a long time, and as soon as consoles acquired hard drives and internet connections it became prevalent there, too, and it’s only getting worse. It’s time the platform holders grew a pair and actually started blocking crap like this in their QA / certification phase. Or, if not, perhaps government fair trading agencies need to start taking a close look at this aspect of the industry.

    • Hell yeah. Imagine buying a car that’s sort of working, but has a ton of problems that the makers are aware of, but will fix later.

      I get that games are ridiculously complex nowadays, but at the same time business drivers (like strict deadlines driven by BS marketing) are getting out of control.

    • They haven’t taken my money! Why do people but these things sight unseen? I won’t kill them to wait for a review

      • Well, no, they haven’t taken mine either – I gave up on the series about 3 hours into Revelations 😛

        But they’ve taken other peoples’ money. And at the end of the day, people are entitled to expect some basic level of quality in any product they buy. Especially one as expensive as a new release game. That doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed that they’ll like it or that it will be a particularly good game in terms of reviews, but it will at least function more or less correctly.

        I was never going to buy this one anyway, but I am very keen on Far Cry 4. But after reading about this fiasco I doubt I’ll be buying it on day 1 – I’ll wait for the reviews and also the general word of mouth before giving them my money.

      • Another reason why pre-orders (especially for unlimited digital products) are worse than Ebola.
        And as with all these things, it’s up to the customers and their wallets to fix this crap.

        • Precisely this @n0neoftheab0ve, they make people afraid of missing out on things if they don’t preorder the game. The thing is I can pre-order a game and pick it up a couple of days after release. EB are contractually obligated to hold my copy for me. Pre-order bonus and all.

          Also factor in people who enjoyed previous games eager to play the newest version ASAP and expected it to be as good as Black Flag.

    • With any luck the stock price crash will make them rethink rushing future products through QA.

      Wishful thinking but a man can dream

      • Well the stock price did drop a fair bit on the back of this. The problem is it probably would have dropped further if they’d announced they were delaying the game until next year, thus missing the busy xmas shopping season, which is the whole reason they rushed it out in the first place.

  • I haven’t come across any bugs so far so I guess my luck with not running into bugs with games continues.

    • IMO once the framerate drops below 20 that counts as a bug. There’s really no excuse for failing to hit a decent framerate on ANY of your platforms.

      I’m not a 60fps zealot by any means but if a game is dropping below 20 regularly and for extended periods that shouldn’t be acceptable

  • It doesn’t seem prudent to buy any game at launch at the moment. Give it a month until the bugs have been ironed out and the price has dropped.

  • “…here are the most widely-reported problems we’ve heard about from you: Frame rate issues, Graphical and collision issues…”

    Are they trying to tell us that they never noticed the frame rate issues and graphics bugs during development? Cause if that’s what they’re claiming, I call BS.

    • And they are working on it! BF has been being fixed for over a year, that kind of dedication really inspires confidence!

      • Oh yeah! I can’t deny how dedicated 343 is to the Halo brand. Just have a look at Halo 4, they are so dedicated to their game that they released it 3 times in a row!

      • Yeah but BF4 still isn’t fixed.

        Which personally I find odd. At this stage, why bother? I just wonder if the engine is so broken they are fixing it for future games. At this stage it’s like a giant test for future games.

        That said, the netcode is still way better and always have been than the lag fest that is the new COD.

        • I think they’re still working on it because they have pissed off a huge chunk of their fanbase with that game. If they’re to maintain any kind of goodwill at all, which they will need they’re going to get people to buy their next game, they have to make sure BF4 owners don’t feel like they’ve just been abandoned.

          Only real problem I have with BF4 these days is the same one that’s been there all along – foreign players from Japan, Europe, South America etc joining Australian servers. Once you get them in there, the performance goes to hell with stuttering, rubber banding, etc (try flying a jet when it’s like that – you can’t even just fly in a straight line without it lurching back and forth all over the place). Presumably a symptom of the server trying to synchronize information coming in from all parts of the world with radically different pings. This is largely because the Quick Match option just drops players into any old server rather than at least matching them to one in their own region.

          It’s a shame, because when it’s running smoothly the game is absolutely brilliant, but when the performance as bad it becomes damn near unplayable.

          • I haven’t really noticed that in BF4 but then I don’t play too much any more. I used to get really annoyed at that in BF3 though.

            I’ll head back when the new maps come out, they were fun in the CTE. My mates and I would probably play more if we didn’t get caught up in the giant bans done by FPSG for commenting we didn’t like them being hosted in the USA in the forums.

            That’d just be playing for shiggles, otherwise I find some of the server set ups quite annoying and what map packs are being played or not.

        • I know it still isn’t quite there, it was meant to a be a little tongue in cheek 🙂

          Its much better than it was however and I think after the next patch where they make it so you don’t get stuck on tiny rocks or ledges or steps it will be one step closer.

          • Yeah, they are making your character much more tolerant of what he can run over. You can now run straight up some rocky areas where previously you would have to spam jump.

            This is just on the test realm it is not yet in the live game.

          • Cool.

            I still wonder if the suggestion that there will be another round of DLC for BF4 is true.

            While they are fixing issues with the engine for future games. I am sure this testing involves things for Hardline and Battlefront.

            I just wonder, with no Hardline DLC announced yet. Which is odd.. Maybe they won’t go a premium route and aim to keep BF4 alive and generating money through these non traditional Battlefield games.

    • Interesting thing is that they delayed watch_dogs for quality purposes which makes me wonder what state that was in when they made the decision if this game represents their “fuck it, that’ll do” threshold

  • I can’t parkour down to the ground without falling through it into oblivion. It’s not just buggy, it completely destroys any sense of immersion.

    Rogue is probably the better game, might go swap it over to see.

    • Rogue is built completely the same as the Black Flag engine. I gave it a whirl yesterday and I am surprised the game can go up to 60 fps. Game is not locked to 30fps max. Face texture is a bit lacking but it is looking good. I’ll probably finish Rogue before I go Unity, should have be enough time for a patch to fix the issues.

  • Housemate was all like “hey let’s get the game pronto”.

    Thanks for all the “reviews” guys. Glad to wait on this one.

  • I didn’t pre-order. Luckily life at the moment dictates no time to play. So hopefully they fix it by the time I can get it.

    However as to the game, not the problems. I have read so many positive comments on the actual game. So I am going to consider comments of it being dull or a crap game to just be people jumping on the hate bandwagon.

    I am just sick of games being released that are broken. Something is seriously wrong in this industry. As much as I say, ‘I won’t pre-order’ I often do. I was close for this and didn’t. I also think I won’t get FC4 until I hear the word.

    Also wait a few days. COD:AW was apparently an awesome port on release and then a day or so passed and it wasn’t. It was just better than the last COD. Still the laggiest FPS I have ever played, even playing locally with full ping. Makes BF4 seem like it ran brilliantly on launch. It’s just luckily the game play is so simple it matters less.

  • I’m glad I haven’t started playing it yet. I bought it for PS4 after arguing with myself about the whole 900p 30fps thing. I just couldn’t be bothered with the setup for PC until I get a new computer.
    Now after all this, the game will sit on my “to play” pile until I hear that the issues are fixed. Until that time I guess I’ll just play more WoW. 😛

  • so word is if you play offline it somewhat fixes the frame rate problem. edit – i have now tried it and it seems to make it a tiny bit better but it still isn’t hitting a 30 fps in crowds.

  • I’m really enjoying this game quite a lot played most of the day with a mate doing co-op free roam, unlocking the synch points. Co-op is long overdue with this series.

    • You live in Australia right? They are legally required to give you a refund when the game does not work as advertised. But don’t take my word for it, call the ACCC and they will tell you exactly how to get your refund.

      • Careful there. Technically the game does work, and sure there are bugs, but not everyone is getting them. If they’re taking the angle that it’s a ‘change of mind’ return you may have a fight in your hands.

        Personally I’m happy to pay a little extra just so I have the ability to return for no better reason than ‘just because’. Has been worth it many times over.

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