Warlords Of Draenor MMO Log Supplemental: Ding Level 100

Warlords Of Draenor MMO Log Supplemental: Ding Level 100

At around 4 AM Eastern this morning, less than a week after the release of World of Warcraft‘s fifth expansion pack, my little Draenei boy became a level 100 Shaman. That was awfully fast.

Not in the grand scheme of things mind you, what with some players skyrocketing from level 90 to Warlords of Draenor‘s new level cap of 100 in a matter of hours once the expansion pack went live. I’m talking about fast in a Fahey-playing-WoW sense. This is the fastest I’ve ever hit level cap post-expansion.

My reaction to this latest expansion has been pretty overwhelming. The story of present Azeroth’s invasion into Draenor’s past has been riviting, largely due to grand opening sequence, which quickly teaches players to hate the titular orc warlords enough to really, really want to kick their asses across ten levels of fresh content.

And then there’s the new garrison feature, which has eaten my soul.

At every turn there’s been something new driving me towards the finish line. My final two levels in the wilds of Nagrande were mostly spent ensconced within a magnificent battle tank, the product of a decision to build a gearworks instead of some sort of stable in the final zone outpost of my blossoming empire.

Moments after blowing the hell out of a major orc spirit with my mechanical marvel, I turned in the quest that took me to the limit. I documented the occasion without sound out of respect for its weightiness and because it was 4 AM and I was too tired to make sure my settings were correct.

So what’s next? Gergo Vas made a handy guide featuring ten things to do once players hit level 100 in Warlords of Draenor, so I plan on following that closely. I’ll certainly be logging in daily to harvest my garrison’s mine and fill work orders needed to learn advanced enchanting and engineering recipes.

I have followers to collect and level, quests to complete, pets to capture and add to my collection and hey — I’ve only played through the Alliance side of the expansion. Maybe I’ll see how the other half lives.

What comes next is the most important part of an MMO expansion. Sure, fresh new content done well is exciting, but will the expansion keep my interest once the final quest is turned in? We shall see. In the meantime, DING!


  • Grats indeed, but you also now have to start farming for those rare garrrison resources so you can get your t3 garrison

  • I think I’ve finally nailed down the exact reason I stopped playing WoW. Having to log in to do dailies is ridiculous. I don’t want to be forced to play the same game every day in order to achieve something. Even the weekly raid lockouts were starting to become a pain where I’d only play on Tuesday/Wednesday and then was locked out of all raids for another week.

    Yes, you can’t get rid of the lockouts because then the end game progress would be completed within a week due to the hardcore guilds, but dailies is simply a restriction blizzard place in order to slow down your progression, and there’s some part of me that despises this.

    • When you successfully identify that playing a game feels like a chore is when you should quit. 🙂

  • This expac has been awesome so far, I’m level 99 and haven’t felt the need to bash through the levels to get to end game content. Leveling has been really enjoyable this time round but I dont know if should give it all my game time, there’s too many other great games out right now!

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