Watch Blizzard's Hour Long World Of Warcraft Documentary

Towards the end of Blizzcon, Blizzard showed off an hour long documentary on the history of the World of Warcraft. Like an idiot I totally missed it. Thankfully I managed to find it on Blizzard's Official YouTube channel. So sit back, relax and get eduma-tained!

The documentary takes a behind the scenes look at the game's release, it's impact and the numerous different communities and groups that have sprung up around it. Well worth a watch, particularly if you consider yourself a permanent resident of Azeroth.


    That was great. Brought back some good memories.

    I watched this yesterday. Was a really excellent documentary very well put together. Even if you don't play wow this is worth a watch.

    I never got into WoW, when all my friends were getting into it I got into Final Fantasy XI.

    Still trying to decide if I should take the plunge lol

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