You Can Study DOTA At University In China

You Can Study DOTA at College in China

Many students might spend their free time playing DOTA. Why not spend your study time doing the same? Well, in China, you can.

According to CQ News (via That's), Chongqing Energy College now has a course on Defence of the Ancients, aka DOTA. (Note: The article did not specify whether the class covers Dota 2.)

As That's points out, the course is called "Recent Development of Electronic Sports and Analysis of DOTA" and is limited to only 90 students. That apparently doesn't stop over 200 students from squeezing into the lecture hall.

During the course, various DOTA strategies are analysed with the goal to help students not only improve their own coordination and motivation but help inspire different ways of thinking. The implication, of course, is that these skills are beneficial and necessary in the working world, which they most certainly are!

重庆一高校开设DOTA选修课 电子竞技走入课堂引争议 [CQ News via That's]


    Im surprised some would get a degree in China to play DOTA, but i guess if it helped them improve there play and play games as a career then best of luck to em!

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