A Duel Between Two Destiny Snipers

This battle between snipers goes through many stages, all of them hilarious. At first, I'm expecting MoneyLoo to land a crazy shot off a camping sniper through the tiniest crack between stacks of crates. Then it's a silly back and forth while the two snipers strafe between hiding behind cover and trying to kill each other.

And then our leading lady manages to avoid three shots very narrowly due to, well, let's just say some lucky moves. How it went on this long without interference is just our luck, I guess.

(via Reddit)


    The dancing bullet-dodging was amazing! LoL!
    Seriously though it's surprising no-one booped them in the back of the head :P

    Havent we been sniper warring since QTF?

    Oh look another Destiny article on Kotaku.

      Oh no, an article about a game on a gaming website. . .

    The snipers are done really well on Destiny. One of the better aspects of the game.

    That dancing bullet dodge skill is epic! Should be a staple for warlock skills.

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