Evolve's Open Beta Will Be Running Between January 15-19 On The Xbox One

Video: Evolve's open beta will be running between January 15-19 on the Xbox One, accessible to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Two monsters, the Goliath and the Kraken, and eight hunters will be available to play across 12 maps. There will also be smaller, invite-only closed tests on the PC and PS4 around that time.


    Anyone know what the go is with PS4 invites? Don't really want to fork out cash for Gold Membership on the Xbox for 4 days.

    Beleive you have to pre order to get access to PC and PS4 Invites ?

    someone correct me if i'm wrong

    So if I was signed up to the last test on my ps4 when it went to hell and i couldn't connect ever am I automatically in this or do I need to luck out again? Because that 12gb download last time seemed worthwhile until got an email telling me it wasn't going to work for me because Sony decided to release an update.

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