Kotaku Awards 2014: PC Game Of The Year

Time to unveil our PC Game of the year.

And the winner is…

Reader’s Choice

Dragon Age: Inquisition
This took out a massive chunk of the vote. Massive. Guess it’s just fresh in the minds of many. That or people are just really loving it. Yeah, that’s probably it!


Wolfenstein: The New Order
Coming in second amongst a horde of contenders like Shadow of Mordor, I’m quite chuffed to see a game that was released earlier in the year make it to the dance.

Editor’s Choice

I suspect that many of you are going to read that and silently mouth ‘WAT’? You might even flip tables. But before you do consider a few things. First, this is just my personal favourite PC game of the year. Secondly, most of my gaming was done on console. Thirdly, a lot of my gaming is done with friends and family these days, so multiplayer games are a big deal.

With those caveats out of the way, allow me to talk about why I love Nidhogg. A game about killing your friends with swords.

I love Nidhogg because it is drama incarnate. Nidhogg constantly throws players into situations that escalate, it provides a space where the stakes slowly get higher and higher to the point where IF YOU DON’T KILL YOUR OPPONENT RIGHT NOW YOU ARE SCREWED AND IT IS GAME OVER.

More importantly, at its core, Nidhogg is a game that feels right, which is strange for a game played at such a frantic pace. The details of the game don’t get lost. Additionally, when you lose in Nidhogg, you never feel frustration. The next game is seconds away. That’s part of the appeal.

I don’t think I’ve had felt more raw, unadulterated pure joy with a video game this year.

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