Kotaku Gift Guides: Video Game Clothes

If you can't afford to buy someone games and you definitely can't afford to buy someone a video game console, why not buy them clothes?

Dark Souls T-Shirt

Seriously. Guys seriously. This is the greatest gaming t-shirt of all time. I stopped wearing gaming t-shirts because... I don't know why. I just did for some reason and I'm sticking to it.

Except bugger all that because I've just bought this shirt.

It costs $23.94US and you can order it here.

Say What Again!

I'll make this my last Redbubble shirt, but this is pretty great. It's no "Bro, do you even praise the sun?" But it's still pretty good.

You can purchase the shirt here for $23.57.

Sonic Christmas Sweater

This is a Sonic the Hedgehog christmas sweater.

Come on man! How awesome is that. I'll bet it's really itchy.

You can buy it here.

Super Mario Bros Socks

Socks are a Chrimbo stalwart and as much as everyone complains, I quite like getting new socks for Christmas.

Imagine waking up to find these stockings in your stockings! Find out more here.


    Bugger all that, just go and get some FUCKING AWESOME Nylon Pink t-shirts!


      What's with the heart butts?

      I guess "fucking awesome" is subjective...

    Chrimbo - only other time i've heard that expression was by The Redmen TV guys - must be a UK thing?

    You dare show me a Sonic the Hedgehog X-mas sweater.....WHICH I NEED..... but cannot buy due to lack of stock?

    *Wipes hand across Kotaku's cheek* THINNER.

    I was today at Critical Hit and saw an awesome t-shirt of Link sitting on an Iron Throne made out of videogame swords. Too bad there was none left in my size.

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