Off Topic: Are You Excited For The New Star Wars Movie?

So we've had time to let the trailer settle in, we've discussed that silly lightsaber into internet meme oblivion. Are you excited about the movie? Are you ready for more Star Wars?

Outside of the lightsaber, which I think is a bit silly, I'm super excited. Even from the few seconds of the trailer, I think it's pretty clear that JJ Abrams has managed to capture the tone of the series at its best. Really, I think he was the right person for the job. I've always wanted to see a Spielberg directed Star Wars movies, and this is probably the closest we'll come to that.

As far as I'm concerned Abrams has barely put a foot wrong. I loved Mission Impossible 3, I loved Super 8, I loved his interpretation of Star Trek. I even loved (most of) Lost. I'm very keen to see what he does with Star Wars.


    I'm a J.J. Abrams fanboy from way back. I'm excited. Also like the dirty, makeshift look of the universe over Lucas' clean, sleek prequel look.

      Yeah, I'm no fan of my old appearance either.

      Yes I am. Anything else? Nope? Ok no worries.

      But remember, the originals were dirty and makeshift as well. The rebels had grungey everything, ships, helmets, facial hair.

      Man, I soooo wanted to be a rebel commando! Maybe I still can be... At Sydney Supanova 2015!!

    Tentatively. I reason that it's not like he can do much worse than Lucas already did. Disney's been sending all the right signals with their intent for the franchise.


    Veins would pop out of the side of my head if I was to contain my excitement for that long...

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    Nope. Given that its being produced under the aegis of the evil empire (Disney), I've no doubt it will be a glorious shining turd.

      I don't see why your opinion deserves down votes - so I have upvoted to balance.

        Because he called Disney evil; how would Mickey feel?

          According to South Park, he's not the nicest fellow...

    I'm still excited but it's so far away and we've seen so little.

    I'll see it, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

    That said, I think I was pretty much the same with Star Trek and JJ knocked that one out of the park as far as I'm concerned, so if anybody is going to do it right it's him.

      See... I'm kinda on the opposite side. When I watched Star Trek I hated it, but thought it would have made a great Star Wars movie.

      I've never really been a fan of Star Trek movies though, except for The Voyage Home and First Contact.

    I've never really been into the Star Wars movies - I saw The Phantom Menace at the cinema (and actually liked it), but the rest I can't get into. I do, however, love the games. So many great Star Wars games out there. Here's hoping the tie-in games are good this time around. I'd kill for another Episode One: Racer...

    Cautiously optimistic on this front

    I am very cautiously optimistic. Basically expecting to be saying this though...

    I'm super excited but still cautious. I hope it turns out well.

    Absolutely. I like Abrams and Disney have been doing a decent job with basically everything they have been touching.

    To be honest, not at all. From what I've seen and heard it seems like this movie is going to be too safe. It will be nothing but shoving in themes, scenes and lines from the original movie, nothing but fan wank (not as bad as the new Terminator movie though, geez). I really don't see why we have to go back to the old cast and throw the Falcon in for fan service. Why can't it be a new story?

    But maybe that's all for the trailers to get butts into the seats. Maybe they will be doing new stuff.

      I'm with you on that. After the prequel films, I could never love again.

        Getting hurt that often... that's not an accident, it's abuse.
        Then they went back and fucked up the old movies, too. One man doesn't make a movie, there were a LOT of people complicit in this abuse!

        And god, why didn't.... why didn't someone just stop him? Why couldn't one person stand and say, "No. Enough. This is wrong. I can't let you do this." Surely people would have stood with them!

          Because of the reaction Star Wars had to the public. The way it influenced other movies, directors and pop culture, people were willing to believe he was a visionary genius and dare not risk angering a God of Cinema.

          I seem to recall a southpark episode on this.
          Free Hat!

      The original script had little to nothing to do with the original trilogies cast but JJ insisted on giving them a bigger role and had the script rewritten close to filming.

      That worries me a lot.

        So he had a fanboy moment to please all fanboys?


    I reckon it will at the very least be good. Hoping for great. And I'm not even a rabid Star Wars fan.

    Cautiously optimistic. I'm just a bit dubious on the whole "every movie needs to have a new lightsaber meme" trend.

    My optimism is inversely proportional to the amount of lens flare I see between now and then

    Holy shit, checkout the grinches in this thread..... I highly doubt it'll be anything short of amazing.

    Can't wait for that lens flare!

    Truthfully though, long as its better than episode 1 its a winner in my book.

    I'm not going full hype train or grinch here - I'm optimistic. Just happy a new Star Wars is a thing!

    I just completely fail to "get" Star Wars. It's my not so secret nerd shame. I wonder if I was too old to love it, watching it for the first time in my teens in the early '00s.

    It's just bad acting, a bad script, and bad fights to me. And I always judge a movie on its fight scenes.

    Planet of the Apes was my Star wars. I went nuts over that as a kid, and none of my friends had any idea what I was talking about.

      Probably because you watched it long after the magic had died, you came in about the same time that George was breaking out the ever sharp butcher knives.

        Yeah, I would have been watching the re-releases that were pretty new at the time. I always feel like I'm missing out slightly when my friends get all excited.

        I like most of the '90s Star Wars PC games though. Jedi Knight, X-Wing, they were all awesome.

          Its because they were generally great games, there was not a lot of early material to ruin it.

      It really depends if you think a good fight scene is good because of how flashy it is or how deep it goes.

        A really good movie fight needs both, really. The Star Wars fights get flashier as time goes on, but also more annoying because there are plenty of times that they spin around and pointlessly expose their back, or they clearly aim to hit their opponent's weapon, rather than their squishy bits.

      And I always judge a movie on its fight scenes.

      There's your problem.

        Yeah, I know. It's a terrible attitude.

        I don't require a movie to have fights, though. Just that, if you choose to put them in, they'd better be good.

    No, mainly because it can't better my childhood memories of the original ones. I'm hopeful its good though so my little boy who will be 3 at that time can grow to love the new ones as much as I loved the original ones :)

    Not really no. I'm more of a Trekkie than a 'Chewwy'? But I'm looking forward to it just to see the story expansion

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