One Little Thing I Really Like About Far Cry 4 On PC

One Little Thing I Really Like About Far Cry 4 On PC

Far Cry 4‘s PC version looks nice and runs decently enough (well, depending), but one thing I really like about it is less easy to notice: The game supports on-screen prompts for both Xbox and PS4 controllers.

Any controller-based game is going to have to put button-prompts on screen, whether for menu navigation, or QTEs, or whatever. Press A to jump, press X to mourn, etc. The majority of PC games go with Xbox button prompts, since for a while now Xbox controllers have been the dominant controller for PC gaming.

Thing is, I and an increasing number of other gamers have decided to opt for the DualShock 4 for PC games. (When we use controllers, that is.) I go that route because I like the DS4 more than other controllers, and also because as it turns out, the DualShock 4 is generally a really good controller for PC.

So it’s cool that Far Cry 4 gives players the option to have the game’s on-screen controller prompts match up with the PS4 controller, in addition to the Xbox option.

One Little Thing I Really Like About Far Cry 4 On PC

With most games, even if you’re using a DualShock, you still have read Xbox button prompts on screen. That means that B is Circle, Y is Triangle, and most confusingly, X is… Square and A is… X. The X is even blue for both controllers.

When I wrote about using the DS4 on PC, a few people in the comments mentioned that they have no problem reprogramming themselves regardless of which controller they’re using. I’ve found that while it does throw me, I’ve gotten more used to it over time as well. So yeah, this isn’t a huge deal or anything.

Far Cry 4 isn’t the only game to include this option, but it remains a rarity in PC games. And hey, any time a PC game wants to give players more options to customise their experience is fine by me. PC gamers (rightly) give Ubisoft a lot of crap for various things, but it’s nice that they took the time to include a small option like this.


    • Yeah… playing an FPS with a controller when there’s a mouse and keyboard RIGHT THERE? Seriously? FPS on console was considered a sick joke until relatively recently specifically because of the controls. I’m not sure why it still isn’t. Aiming with thumbsticks is the worst.

      Still, I consider this a good feature. I use a DS4 controller for racing games and a couple other genres where a controller DOES feel more natural thanks to the possibility for analogue movement. I’m pretty used to the prompts being for Xbox at this point, but it’d be nice if I could choose.

      • I have my PC hooked up to my loungeroom TV, a mouse and keyboard requires me to hunch over a desk I wheel out while a controller means I can practically lie horizontally on my couch.

        If I were playing online competitively I’d use whatever gave me the best advantage (obviously mouse and keyboard), but as someone who only plays these games for the single player (or sometimes co-op) elements, controller for the horizontal win.

  • What I really Don’t like about Far Cry 4 on PC:
    *I had to unpack and edit the game code with a third party tool to make the mouse feel like it should instead of an emulated controller,
    * It stutters like crazy regardless of graphics settings (780ti 2500k@4.3)
    I really hope it gets fixed seems like a fun game.

    • Yeah, I second this. Stuttering drove me crazy to the point of literally not playing it (hoping upon hope that an update will amend this issue). And yes, I have already tried the so called ‘cure-all’ of DisableLoadingMip0=”1″, which doesn’t eliminate stutter but just helps reduce it (and not nearly enough in my opinion). Far Cry 3 didn’t have this issue. 2600K@4.2 & GTX970.

    • There may be luck with the next patch on the horizon:

      PC Patch 1.5.0 will be available next week for download.

      Patch Notes:
      Added 21:9 aspect ratio support
      Added Russian text and subtitles to worldwide game version
      Fixed an issue with aim assist
      Fixed an issue with grappling if aim button was remapped on another key
      Fixed an issue with mouse input
      Fixed an issue with movement key binding on mouse buttons
      Fixed an issue with Uplay invites in Steam version
      Fixed various Controls issues
      Fixed various Graphic issues
      Fixed various IGE issues
      Fixed various Session Browser issues
      Fixed various UI issues
      NVIDIA graphics preset was removed
      Reduced performance drop impact during streaming

      Hopefully that last point on the list will be the thing that fixes the stuttering issues. We are talking about Ubisoft here, though … so who can really tell? (-___-)

      • Cheers for the heads up,
        Fingers crossed this does the trick but yeah it’s hard to get your hopes up with Ubisofts pc porting “expertise”

    • Gotta love how they went to the effort to include a control scheme nobody gives a fuck about but completely buggered up mouse input.

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