One Of The Greatest Rivalries In StarCraft History

One Of The Greatest Rivalries In StarCraft History

You can’t talk about competitive StarCraft: Brood War without two names coming up: Jaedong the Tyrant and Flash, aka The God of StarCraft.

Today Razer launched Team Razer: Great Games, a video series that aims to be the definitive eSports documentary, and no definitive eSports documentary would be complete without the story of how Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong met Lee “Flash” Young Ho. The pair of South Korean pro-gamers were both at the top of their game in StarCraft: Brood War, Jaedong with his fiery Zerg and Flash with his methodical, almost mechanical Terrans.

Part two of the episode focuses on Song “HerO” Hyeon Deok, up-and-coming Protoss player, completing the circle of StarCraft races.

And if StarCraft’s not your thing, the other two planned episodes of Great Games will cover DOTA 2 and League of Legends. The rest of the games just aren’t great, I guess.


  • You can’t talk about competitive StarCraft: Brood War without two names coming up

    Sure you can.

    So how about them Starcraft: Brood Wars eh? I like Ghosts reporting, and constructing additional Pylons.

  • He’s won IEM, multiple dreamhacks, WCS America and was a mainstay in GSL Code S for many seasons…

    HerO is hardly ‘up-and-coming’.

    • There’s also much better protoss players they could have focused on rather than HerO as well. Players such as MC and PartinG come to mind for Starcraft II – but since most of the documentary was about Brood War, why wasn’t Stork in there?

      • I agree totally. Stork was the first Protoss that came to mind, but then I thought that perhaps they haven’t focused on him because he hasn’t transitioned to SC2 as well as The Dong and Flash have. Other than Jaedong constantly finishing runner up at almost everything he enters, him and Flash have done reasonably well so far. I can’t really think of a Protoss that has moved over to SC2 with good effect, perhaps ‘Hero’, not ‘HerO’?
        MC should be an obvious choice though. He is a monster, and the most consistent SC2 player of all time. Seems like a really cool and funny guy too!

    • How are sports/esports stars any different from other celebrities? Music stars, movie and TV stars, etc?

      People will always find someone to look up to as a role model.

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