PSN Still Having Big Problems Two Days After Christmas Outage

PSN Still Having Big Problems Two Days After Christmas Outage

Two days following the Christmas day outage that laid low both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, users are still having trouble connecting to PlayStation Network services on PS4 and PS3.

While a tweet posted early this morning gave PlayStation Network users hope that all was returning to normal following two days of crippling downtime, as of this writing users are still having trouble connecting to the PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 4, while both Sony consoles are having issues connecting to the PlayStation Store.

Testing the service myself, on the PS3 I was able to connect to an online match of P4 Arena Ultimax just fine, but have been unable to access the store since last night.

Attempting to connect to the PlayStation Store or any PlayStation Network services on the PlayStation 4 returns the “connection to the server has been lost” message seen above. Being unable to connect to the network also means any game I’ve downloaded from the PlayStation Store will not open, as the verification server cannot be reached.

PSN Still Having Big Problems Two Days After Christmas Outage

the @AskPlayStation Twitter account recently updated with the following:

As of this writing Xbox Live services have been up and running relatively smoothly since yesterday morning.

A heavy influx of new users may have led to some of the issues we’ve encountered over the past few days. A popular theory regarding the outages is that they are the work of an online collective known as Lizard Squad, which had threatened previously to take down both services on Christmas day. However Lizard Squad claimed their attacks on the networks ended the evening of December 25.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update should Sony respond to our continued queries.


  • Xbox live is also down again for some right now. Its not fixed

    I’ve even lost the ability use the achievements section in my account across all platforms, xboxone, smartglass and it’s been like this for at least 36 hours.

    Support claimed it was back up and running smoothly and stupidly blamed Ubisoft becuase I was playing assassins creed when I noticed the issue. Yeah sure, the game is the reason my account is broken

  • I haven’t logged in with my PS4 yet, but my PS3 won’t connect. I can access the Sony store now, which I was having trouble with the last couple of days.

    My PS3, however, has downloaded patches and uploaded saves.

      • I’ve rarely had a problem with it. Most of the time I go in is to grab my monthly PS+ games, and it’s rare for me to have an issue.

  • All of this crap about not being able to play downloaded games is exactly what we were worried about with the initial xbone plans.

    Now nintendo is the only one with a solid offline system thanks to their “archaic” infrastructure.

    • I was able to play my downloaded games the whole time. I couldn’t use some media apps that sync data though.

  • “Being unable to connect to the network also means any game I’ve downloaded from the PlayStation Store will not open, as the verification server cannot be reached.”

    Is this really a thing? I thought the internet told me MS had the evil policy. You seriously cant play downloaded games offline? I haven’t noticed this on XboxOne though, I think its a PS4 exclusive feature.

    • You just have to stop the ps4 trying to connect so I just pulled out the ethenet cable and everything worked just fine. I managed to play online for about 3 hours last night but the store was only working for about an hour. I haven’t tested it this morning though

  • I discovered last night that if you switch off the internet connection on the PS4 then single player games can be played without a hitch.

  • Change your MTU to 1437, see this for how -

    Worked for me any many others.

        • Well 1437 still worked for me and a couple of friends, tried changing back to the default 1500 after a lot of people have said it’s all fixed but again it’s not letting me in at that. Will try 1473 tonight.

  • You can play downloaded games offline, I just did it. Make you ps4 the primary device for your account and play your stuff offline.

  • I have been playing everything from digital minecraft through to farcry 4 and GTA 5 no problems on my PS4 the whole time. Sure, no online stuff like Destiny works but this has far from turned my ps4 into a brick.

  • If only these assholes hit iTunes or something then maybe the mainstream media might care more – I saw one story buried late in the ch 7 bulletin on Boxing Day night with footage of an offline 360 (when the 360 managed to connect most of that day!)

  • Anyone still having trouble logging in should try this. I did it and after 3 days of no luck signing in, finally could.

    Go to ‘Settings’ on your PlayStation 4, then click ‘Network’, followed by ‘Set Up Your Internet Connection’, and finally ‘Custom’. Set all of the values to ‘Automatic’, apart from the area labelled ‘MTU Settings’, which you should manually change to 1473

    Worked for me!

  • My fucking ps4 is still down on 28/12/14 WHEN IS THIS GOING TO GET FIXED, THIS LIZARD SQUAD ARE UTTER DICKHEADS.

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