Someone Built A Word Processor In Minecraft

You know what? I'm not even surprised any more. Never mind a word processor, you could build food processor in Minecraft — not a virtual one, a real food processor that processes real food and I'd be like, "that makes sense, what took them so long?"

Regardless, this word processor in Minecraft is super impressive. It has a 50 character limit, but it's fully functional, it can load files from memory and it was built from scratch in bloody Minecraft. I mean seriously. Jesus Christ.

It took two years to build.

The things people do in Minecraft is just mental.


    I once built a mud house ..... then the nasties came and blew it up !

    But seriously I don't even know how that is possible, but kudos to them.

    Impressive but I think by next year someone will have made a fully functioning Xbox One console in Minecraft. With a playable version of Minecraft on it.


      and it will still look twice as good as the console itself.

      What if we already exist inside an advanced Minecraft world?
      Take the blue pill, or the red!t creeper!

    This makes me appreciate just how complex modern electronics and computer systems are, and how we take it completely for granted. I look at this and wonder how long it would take for us to catch up to the present state of technology (if ever) if the world mostly fell apart tomorrow and essentially brought us back to a primitive state of life (taking into account that most people would be concerned with surviving each and every day). It's easy to loose sight and respect for everything which came before us, the building blocks that gave us what we have today. People shouldn't look at old technology and proceed to laugh at it and mock it - they should be grateful that people had the wisdom and insight to give the next generation shoulders to stand on.

    Thanks for featuring my video guys! :)

      This is absolutely unfathomable mate. Well bloody done. You are brilliant. I don't even understand how this is possible.

    A mate of mine is building the perfect girlfriend in Minecraft right now, even after my futile attempts to tell him to 'please stop it'. Queue 'Weird Science' theme

    Meanwhile I'm over here trying to work out how to survive night time.

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