The China-Only PS4 Has A Dragon Paintjob

The China-Only PS4 Has a Dragon Paintjob

The PlayStation 4 is finally launching in China. The console will go on sale next January 11. And, when the PS4 does, it's getting a special version, just for China.

This is the Special Dragon Edition, which will be available at launch along with the Jet Black and Glacier White 500GB PlayStation 4. The hardware is retailing for 2899 RMB ($566).

The commemorative China launch console is a limited edition and has a dragon emblazoned on the hard drive bay.

The China-Only PS4 Has a Dragon Paintjob

Sony is also launching the PS Vita in China on the same date for 1299 RMB ($254). There is also a special dragon pouch that will be available for Chinese gamers.

Picture: Eric Jou/Kotaku


    It is not called hard drive bay. It is called faceplate. Hard drive bay is what is on the inside after you remove the faceplate. No one can see the paint job if it is done in the hard drive bay. It will be covered by the faceplate

    I know they are both asian, but it still feels racist....

      As an Australian-born Chinese person, it's does not feel racist. It's a Chinese-style dragon.

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