The New Guilty Gear Is Breathtaking At 60 Frames Per Second

The New Guilty Gear Is Breathtaking At 60 Frames Per Second

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- would be the prettiest sprite-based 2D fighter I’ve played, only those aren’t sprites. ARC System Works’ tricksy polygon work results in a game that has to be seen running 60 frames per second at 1080p.

What ARC has done with the new instalment of Guilty Gear is create intricate cel-shaded polygon models for each of its 14 characters (16 with two DLC fighters), and then limited their movement in battle to simulate 2D sprites. The illusion is pretty spectacular. So much so that I ran out to my local big box electronics store to pick up an Elgato Game Capture HD60 for the sole purpose of showing our readers how pretty it looks.

Make sure you hit the YouTube cogwheel and select 1080p60. If your browser desn’t support it, then that’s just sad.

Ignoring the fact that my fighting skills are atrocious — I have several days to bone up before the game’s official December 16 release — the action is simply gorgeous. And when it kicks into non-limited movement for the insta-kills? Forget about it.

Here’s a little more.

I may never master the intricacies of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, but I’ll never get tired of watching it in motion.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- comes out December 16 for the PlayStation 4 and PS3 (with cross-platform online multiplayer). Footage captured from the PS4 version.

Update: Here’s one more clip, this time featuring Bedguy, a guy in a bed. I’m just trying to figure him out here. His insta-kill is very odd. Watch.


  • Is the Ps3 version 60Hz @ 1080p? Or is that a silly quetsion?

    Another question: should i buy this at release for PS3, or should I wait for some time in the future when I upgrade to PS4? Additional information: I play arc-sys fighting games for the story :O

    • i think ps3 is 60FPS @ 720p

      as far as i know, there’s no difference other than that, and seeing as the game is cross play between ps3 and 4, if you really want it now get it on ps3 because it’s not a huge difference between them.

  • I played the demo the other week. For all that talk in the past of using cel shading to create a 2D look this is the first time for me that it really works. The mind boggles when I saw this in motion how can this possibly be 3D?

    Got my LE on order but thats been pushed back a couple weeks 🙁 My RAP4 is ready.

    • I’ve been looking for an AUS release date for this and can’t find anything about a release here… It is coming out here, right? I was gonna purchase it from the PS store last night but it’s not there…

  • Does 60 frames per second really matter on this game? The animation drops frames by design to help give that slightly jerky hand animated look.

    • A fighting game needs to be in 60fps as it allows for more precise inputs.

      it’s pretty rare to see fighting games not in 60fps, even sprite based fighters like KOF and Skullgirls still run at 60fps.

    • When you move the character across the screen in any of these kinds of games you’d see only a small handful of individual frames of animation. But the character sprites themselves would still be moving around the screen at 60fps, it’s just the shape of the sprite that changes at a slower rate.

    • Framerates are actually much more important to kinesthetics or game feel than people realize. When each frame is established, the first thing that the engine looks for or parses is player/controller input. So at 30 FPS, ideally player input is polled upon each frame, so at 60 FPS, this should translate into much more responsive game reactions.

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