The Reason Why Everyone Is Fighting In Super Smash Bros.

Sure, Super Smash Bros. is fun and all, but did you ever stop and ask yourself why all of Nintendo's mascots suddenly decided to abandon civility and totally throw down?

I mean, sure. Mario and Bowser have beef, as do Ganon and Link, but the rest? I would have expected Samus and Shiek to be buds. Metal Gear Solid is basically a modern day Pac-Man — why wouldn't Solid Snake and Pac-Men get along?

This video — from Buzzfeed of all places attempts to explain why everyone is Super Smash Bros. is so keen to pound the crap out of one another. It's pretty cool.

Via Zelda Universe


    I thought it was explained in Super Smash bros 64 and Melee's openings kinda nicely. :P

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