We're Expecting A Lot Of New Game Announcements This Weekend

We're Expecting A Lot Of New Game Announcements This Weekend

You know what's better than video games? Video game announcements. There's always something thrilling about a big surprise reveal and a well-done teaser trailer, even if we might not see the game in question for years to come. That's why we're stoked for this weekend.

Consider this a PSA: you'll want to check Kotaku even more than usual this weekend.

Tomorrow is The Game Awards, a newly-debuting award show run by Geoff Keighley (a friend of Kotaku) that is essentially replacing Spike's VGAs. Without Viacom's involvement, it will likely be calmer and less embarrassing than previous years' events, and we're expecting to see some cool new games there.

Keighley has already teased "more than a dozen world premieres" from both announced and unannounced games, so far including Bloodborne, Metal Gear Online, and the new King's Quest. I would have predicted a Fallout 4 debut, but Bethesda PR guy Pete Hines says they have got no announcements planned. Still, this should be a fun one. It starts on Friday night at 9pm Eastern. You should be able to watch it both online and on your game consoles.

Then, starting Saturday, Sony is holding a two-day event called PlayStation Experience that they have been breathlessly hyping for weeks now. "We're gonna show you a bunch of stuff that maybe we shouldn't show you yet," PlayStation product development boss Scott Rohde said during a podcast back in October. We'll likely get good looks at Uncharted 4 and other PS4 games that are slated for next year, and I've received roughly 12391293012381485245234 emails from indie developers who are going to be at the show, so expect a lot of those too.

If there are big announcements at PlayStation Experience, they will likely be at the keynote, which kicks off Saturday afternoon at 1pm Eastern. The big, totally unsubstantiated rumour floating around? A Crash Bandicoot revival.

As always, we'll be reporting all the news as it happens. Tina and I are flying to Vegas tomorrow for the Game Awards and PlayStation Experience — and possibly to help fuel my gambling addiction — so keep an eye on Kotaku all weekend and we'll keep you up to date.


    Looking forward to some details on the new MGO.

    No Fallout 4 announcement?


      I've been wanting a new fallout for awhile now, had serious urges to go back to fallout 3 and NV.

      Last edited 05/12/14 3:12 pm

    Give me a new Uncharted trailer and confirmation that Naughty Dog are developing a new Crash, and I'll be completely satisfied.
    They may as well be the only two things they talk about. However, if they also wanna throw in a few Morpheus-related tidbits... I won't complain.

      Pretty unlikely that Crash would get a new release from ND/Sony considering that Activision already own the rights to it.

        Yeah. But considering they haven't done anything with the license since the PS2 / Xbox era, I reckon they'd be open to selling it back to Sony... for the right price, obviously.
        If Naughty Dog went to Sony and said "Hey, we're thinking of revisiting Crash..." they've got the bankroll to make it happen.

      Man, a 2015 Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot game... that's too good an idea to even think about.

    Honestly, I like Geoff Keighley

      Same. I like watching him, he doesn't come across as awkward, or wanky - just good at what he does. I watched him most recently on the Blizzcon livestream and he was great.

        He was great at Blizcon, he's a great presenter when on his own, but pairing him with people who clearly are doing it just to get paid makes him look bad.

        Also I don't blame him for the Doritos Pope incident. That was just probably a low point in his career and you could see that in his enthusiasm lol

          Yeah that was kind of blown out of proportion anyway. And it's all well and good for people to sit back and idealise his career or what his job involves, but sometimes, a man's just gotta do shit in his job he doesn't agree with or doesn't wanna do.

    legacy of kain: soul reaver remake or reboot.
    dino crisis 4

    Did you say new King's Quest? As in Sierra/ Roberta Williams' King's Quest?

    New games to get hyped up beyond belief. I actually can't wait :D

    I would like to hear that the new Elite game for PC is coming out for PS4 and will be shipping as a bundle with the new VR Headset. I would probably put life on hold for that.

    Half the show will be taken up by Keighley saying "y'know."

    Fingers crossed for some news on Cyberpunk.

      That's a good guess, and considering Witcher 3 is pretty hyped and nearly out, it would be a good time to get some word out. Here's hoping!

    Jumping Flash 3!

    Crash Bandicoot does not need a revival.

    The Last Guardian?

    Thank you, thank you, you've been a wonderful audience, I'm here all week, try the fish etc etc.

    Geez, fallout 4 is turning into the next half life 3

    Mrrr. I dunno... Announcements are great and all, but I really hope they're not too far in advance. Like… announcing, "Now begins the hype years!" I'll be far more pleasantly surprised if the announcements are more in the vein of, "Coming early-mid 2015."

    I'm not a huge fan of potentially multi-year hype cycles for games. It just builds up way too much expectation that can't be met.
    Think of Watch Dogs, Destiny, Titanfall.
    Final Fantasy 15/13 versus failed to make an appearance for yet another year (although what we've seen looks mind-blowing). And I think there's going to be a fair amount of disappointment when Order 1886, Dying Light, and The Division land. Y'know… titles that were front-and-centre in advertising how cool the new next gen consoles were going to be. Didn't quite make it to launch. Or the year after. Or… have ANY fucking release date?

    I'm getting fatigued by spending so much more time anticipating games than enjoying them. NOTHING can withstand multiple years of expectation. So it's hard to greet the beginning of a new hype cycle with much enthusiasm.

      I'd be a hell of a lot happier if it was "Here's a trailer for an awesome upcoming game. Oh and by the way, it's out next week". Enough time for hype to build but not enough time to get sick to death of it, seems like it'd be better for them as well

      Last edited 05/12/14 11:16 am

        In an alternate fantasy universe... this is how Half Life 3 would drop. No trailers, no preamble - just a completed product, appears on the front page of Steam, and mayhem ensues.

    (Groans) While I'd enjoy hearing about the new games, i hate Geoff Keighley. He just irritates me so much, like Bajo and Hex of Good Game fame, so I won't be watching. (Points head into air in a snobbish way)

    HL3, TLG, Shenmue 3.

    Get ready...to be disappointed. Again.

    I'm going to guess a last of us 2 will most likely be announced.

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