24 Karat Gold PS4 And Xbox One Controllers Are Dumb, Almost Sold Out

24 Karat Gold PS4 And Xbox One Controllers Are Dumb, Almost Sold Out

Earlier this week the folks at ColorWare (“The Colour People” is probably not their slogan) released an extremely limited run of 24-karat gold-plated PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. At $US300 a piece the PS4 controllers are already sold out.

Granted only 25 of each console’s controller were made, but that just makes the Xbox One’s failure in this battle to the finish even more complete. Or maybe it’s a success, proving one console’s owners a smidgen smarter than the other. I leave it up to you.

Just look at this lovely PlayStation 4 controller though. It’s quite pretty. Were I relatively stupid I might have scraped together $US300 to buy one myself, if it weren’t sold out by the time I saw it on NeoGAF. I’d use it until the thumb sticks tore apart and the gold plating wore through to the black controller beneath. Then I’d sigh and go back to the regular controller I’d been using the week before.

Perhaps if ColorWare had used a slightly sexier picture of the Xbox One controller sales might have been more even. Compared to the PS4 close-up, the 24K gold-plated Xbox One game pad looks like the face of the bad guy from Grease, or the surface of a golden tongue. Possibly both.

I’m not one to begrudge anyone their luxury items. If you want to spend your money in ridiculous ways then by all means, spend away. Just know that for $US100 less you could be getting a controller that glows in the dark. Glow in the dark beats gold-plated any day.


    • I wouldn’t say bad. But surely there are better things to spend your money on than a gold plated controller.

      And if a Snazzy controller was what you wanted wouldn’t spending the extra and getting a one of a kind thing be better, cooler, more exclusive.

      I do agree with the writer, the XB1 looks awful compared to the PS4 controller.

  • If I was rich one of those would cost me $500…

    A gold-plated one to look at inside a glass case and a glow in the dark one to actually use 🙂

  • Damn. If I had’ve known about this earlier I would’ve probably bought one of the PS4 controllers for myself… Oh well…

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