A Lore-Tastic List Of All Of Skyrim's Known Dragons

Dragons are cool. My son and all five of his cousins certainly think so, and that's why I watched How To Train Your Dragon five times over the Christmas holidays. But that movie is late to the party. Skyrim was all about dragons before they were cool. This is a list of all of Skyrim's known dragons. It's pretty cool.

The best thing about the list is the detail, the backstory and the names. Like most of you I spent a fair amount of time in the world of Skyrim and most of this went over my head.

I think it's about time for a new Bethesda game to come out. I've got the itch.

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    "I think it’s about time for a new Bethesda game to come out. I’ve got the itch."

    Never has a truer word been spoken ...

    Where did they get the lore from? A lot of that stuff is really cool, but I'd like to know in case I get the urge to find them out myself.

      Reminds me of how conflicted I am about Skyrim. For all it's good things, sometimes it feels like such a grind. And reading this list has me questioning whether I can stomach another run through it.

    I've had the itch for about 2 years after Skyrrm came out.... Now reading this article is making me want to fire the game up again! >.

    3 years and 2 months since Skyrim came out. 6 years and 3 months since Fallout 3 came out. I sure hope an announcement is made this year at some point, preferably involving a brand new game engine for the current gen only

    I do love the amount of lore and easter eggs that goes into Bethesda games though. Granted with Fallout a lot of the lore was already there, but they've done an amazing job to build the Elder Scrolls and expand on Fallout into worlds you can immerse yourself in for hours upon hours

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    Sum-Yung-Gai (Nondescript-adolescent-male) A young and apathetic dragon who only texts and rolls his eyes every time you challenge him...

    Pretty sure How to train your dragon was out in 2010 so unless Skyrim devs went back in time then the movie wasnt "late to the party" at all...

    Skyrim was all about dragons before they were cool.Great, now I have a bunch of hipster quotes in my head.
    I was into Ice Dragons before they were cool.
    You've probably never heard of Earth Dragons, they're pretty underground.
    I got this Fire Dragon at Hot Topic.
    I was into Water Dragons before they were mainstream.
    ... I feel a mighty powerful urge to go have some Starbucks for some reason.

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