A Tribute To Syphon Filter's Taser

A Tribute to Syphon Filter's Taser

I say 'tribute'. It's more 'a minute and a half of people being set on fire', which, if you ever played the original, was one of gaming's greatest guilty pleasures.

I think I played the original Syphon Filter demo more than some complete games on PS1. The taser initially seemed a bit pointless as a non-lethal option. That is until you realised holding down the button eventually set people on fire. Then it was all taser, all the time. This video brings back memories. Mainly a mixture of guilt and confusion.

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    That brings back memories. Certainly remember the first mission, laughing myself stupid with the taser

    oh man, the whole lock on function I remember being a revelation

    So much fun to be had with this. Not sure if it was a guilty pleasure. I never felt guilty :)

    Man this was a great game back in the day. The classic roll, change direction and shotgun - gets em every time.

    oh man i remember setting people on fire with the tazer for laughs when this game was new. Was 9 years old at the time im amazed i didn't turn out to be mad from all the other violent games i played as a child.

    Wow, hard to believe this is 16yrs old now! Cutting edge graphics back then!

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