Appreciating The Video Game Environments You Rush Past

All too often we rush through video games, without taking the time to really appreciate the space you're inhabiting. Polygon Fragments is a brilliant YouTube channel dedicated to fixing that error. It places you in the world and forces your eye on the things you may have overlooked. It's beautiful for that.

I am in love with this YouTube channel. It focuses on details you may have ignored, placing them in a whole new light. Details that contribute to a game's atmosphere, but you never really notice for some reason.

Take the above video focusing on Majula from Dark Souls II for example. I don't think I spent more time in any virtual environment than I did Majula, but this video is packed full of nuances that I completely missed. I love it. I love this.

I love this idea. And I love the execution.


    I would have loved it if Alien Isolation had given us some kind of free roam mode where we could just explore the station without worrying about the Alien etc. It was an amazing environment, but I spent most of my time admiring it through the slits in locker doors or from under tables.

      I think that's for the best though. They reuse a lot of assets and even when they don't the Alien universe tends to have everything blend together in a sort of intentionally bland design. It makes for something that's really nice to move through that doesn't quite hold up when you stop to look at it. Not to knock the environment in Alien Isolation. I wouldn't even consider it a fault in the design. It does it's job perfectly.

    This is why on my first run through a new game I rarely play the hardest mode. Take your time and enjoy the environment, more often than not in some way you're rewarded for exploring.

    One of my pet hates with Destiny Raids is the lack of time to actually appreciate the environment that has been created for us. Usually there is pressure by the group to rush through and get the loot.

      Yeah the lovely art is 1 of 2 things Destiny has going for it. It is fantastic. Reminds me of the great art in Rage.

      The other is the solid feeling shooting feel and that is about it.

    As a screenshot whore, I know the art of appreciating game environments all too well.

    Dragon age Inquisition has so many 'sit back and admire' environments. Beautiful atmosphere at times.

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