Coding Conference Postponed Because One Direction Ruined Everything

Coding Conference Postponed Because One Direction Ruined Everything

DjangoCon is an annual convention for people who code in Django, which powers websites like Instagram and Pinterest (and can also be used in games development). Its European version was supposed to go down in June, but then a boy band happened, and everything went to shit.

Soppy British teens One Direction, one of the biggest groups in the world, went and booked a couple of shows in Cardiff for June, oblivious to the fact DjangoCon was also being held at the same time.

Cardiff's population is just over 320,000. The One Direction show is estimated to be bringing in over 100,000 people from across Britain into the city. Meaning every hotel bed in town was now booked out, leaving none for attendees of DjangoCon.

"We'll probably find this funny, when we look back on it (perhaps as soon as fifty or sixty years from now) but at the moment we're not enjoying the situation", the show's organisers say.

"Of course anyone who has already registered will be able to have a full refund if the new dates are unsuitable for them."

Shame they couldn't have found a way to work together. Maybe work the conference, complete with coding advice, into one of the OD shows. That will get those teen girls screaming the roof off.


    Let's get one thing straight. You're not a band unless you play instruments. If all you do is sing, the best description you can hope for is a choir, and even that is pushing it.

    Funny how it takes 5 dudes to make 1D.

    Yeah. I went there

    so who backed down? or did they kick djangocon out knowing they could rake in more money with a terrible boyband?

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