Crossy Road Is Now On Android

Crossy Road is, in the common parlance, my jam. It's my mobile game of choice when I have five minutes to kill and most like will be for the foreseeable future. For the folks who have been constantly asking me when the game comes out on Android?

That time is now.

Crossy Road is now available on all Android devices. I am playing it right now inbetween posts and all seems well and good. The Android version of the game was done by Yodo1Games and they appear to have done a solid job of the conversion.

Hipster Whale, the Australian-based original creators of the game, appear to be on a massive roll with Crossy Road, and were even mentioned by name in an Apple press release celebrating a record breaking year for the App Store. Apps brought in over $10 billion for developers this year. That's a lot of money. Crossy Road was released at the tail end of 2014, but the runaway success of the game warranted a mention.

"We could never have dreamed of this level of success, with Crossy Road only being available on the App Store for the last six weeks of the year," said Matthew Hall, who along with Andy Sum, is responsible for the game. "In a couple of months we were able to create a simple, fun game that was featured on the App Store and climbed to the top of the App Store charts around the world—it’s amazing."

It is incredible. It took Hipster Whale 12 weeks to create Crossy Road. 12 weeks. I was starting to wonder if the whole winning the App Store lottery concept was dead. 2014 was the year that proved that it's alive and kicking.


    For those wondering.

      It really annoys me when an article is posted about something and there isn't a link to the source/product.

      Well done you.

      I logged in to upvote.
      Thanks for the link!

    I got 320 and was really stoked. My wife, who in fact does not touch video games at all came up to me the other day innocently asking me "Is this a high score?" while holding the ipad up showing 458 as her high score. I need my video game license revoked.

      I can't beat my fiancee's score on Threes either, I'm both proud and ashamed.

        It's OK, you can keep playing and playing until you beat that damn score. My partner beat my top score in Temple Run 2 last year and I was manic until I'd tripled the top score, just to break her spirit.

        That way you can be proud, and unashamed :D

        Proud and ashamed. Exactly how I feel. Probably weighed more towards ashamed. Not by much though...

    This game - THIS GAME and not any other game (ok well maybe Flappy Birds) is the creeping shadow in the gaming industry of complete knock off games (I dont think it takes anyone more then 3 seconds to realise this is frogger) and yet an Australian game company made this - For which I am ashamed.

    ...This game made me so furious over the Christmas period...

    Not for the reasons you may think.

    This GAME GOT A FREAKING 9.5 in its review in game informer.

    You know what game got a 9.75 in the next page


    This game which literally is a copy of FROGGER gets almost the same damn rating as GTA V

    Fuck you industry.

    That is all.
    /rant over.

      Eck, Frogger is basically a genre at this point (like endless runners), and games aren't granted review scores based on how much effort they took to make.

        Yeah but there's still no justification in reviewers saying: I enjoyed playing this one time on a bus and there for get my rating of 9.5

        It's their job to review and so they should do it properly. :/

        Though this point is more aimed at Game informer - its just a point I would like all reviewers (publishers for that matter too) to get in their head to reference when a game is a clone of another game with some added padding and not be like HEY GUYS FUN GAMEZ ON APPSTORE I SCORE IT 99.9!!!! - makes them look very unprofessional.

    Oh man, this game is dangerously good. But... the eff is with these eagles coming and picking me up? Is it standing on grass too long or something..?

      Yeah, if you take 5 seconds before you go forward the Eagle will take you and disembowel you.

      Best advice I read on here from Mark was that there is always a way to move forward, you might need to wait a few seconds but there's always a way.

    To be pedantic, the game has been out on Android since December, although through the Amazon app store. Today it's out on Google Play.

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