Meet Nova Blitz, A Digital Card Game From The Creators Of Magic: The Gathering

Meet Nova Blitz, A Digital Card Game From The Creators Of Magic: The Gathering
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Card games have always been a ‘thing’ but it seems as though — in video game circles at least — card games have really become a thing over the past year or so. Plenty of that has to do with the overwhelming success of Hearthstone, but here comes a new challenger! From the creators of Magic: The Gathering no less!

It’s called Nova Blitz, and it has quite the pedigree. Developed by Dragon Foundry, a team with plenty of ex-Magic: The Gathering folks on board, the game is digital only and will be available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

No word on a solid release date for the game, but Nova Blitz is planning a Kickstarter from January 22. You can find out more details at the official website.

The digital card game space appears pretty lean right now, but it’s about to get a lot more crowded. Hearthstone is — obviously — totally massive, but Australian developed games like Armello and Hand of Fate have card game elements alongside multiple other interesting mechanics. It’ll be interesting to see precisely how Nova Blitz works, and if it can compete with other games in this burgeoning genre.


  • I’ll definitely check this out!

    The digital card game space appears pretty lean right now

    That’s entirely not true. There are plenty and there were plenty before Hearthstone too.

    • I don’t know. Aside from MTG:Online, there are really only a few smaller titles and less than legitimate ports of physical LCG/TCGs like OCTGN.

  • Please give us an official Android: Netrunner digital card game already. OCTGN’s good for being free (though I plan to subscribe to support the platform), but I’d be happy to shell out for something dedicated.

  • “From the creators of Magic”? Weird, I cannot find Richard Garfield’s name anywhere on this enterprise. Hell, I don’t recognise a single name in this enterprise as anyone of significance that worked in the MTG staff at Wizards in the last 15 years. Not even their own website tries to sell that point; they merely state that their staff is comprised by people who worked at Wizards, Valve, Microsoft and many others. Their studio page doesn’t disclose any link to Wizards or even Hasbro.

    The only affiliation this game seems to have with Magic is the many-times ripped off 5-colour colour pie and underlying philosophy. I was extremely surprised to find Serrels name above this article when this is the kind of flimsily factual click-bait drivel that I’d expect from Plunkett.

    • According to his LinkedIn, Nova Blitz creator and manager worked with WotC for 13 years but only actually worked with Magic the first few and the last year of his tenure and exclusively within the MTG Online department. As far as I know he’s never designed a single Magic card.

      More relevant, precise, factual, and probably impressive would have been to point he was the producer of the once much lauded Eye of Judgement game for the PS3.

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