The Future Of Video Games

The Future Of Video Games

Who knows what the future will be like? Um, video games do. In 2027, we'll never ask for cyborg limbs. In 2072, our Systems will be Shocked. In 2183 we'll punch space reporters, and in 2174 we'll wonder why Destiny still doesn't have a story.

Reader Norbert Demeter sent in this infographic he made, putting all the future locations of sci-fi game universes in a single timeline. We're in for a rough ride, and one that doesn't make much sense now, but if Nintendo can cram disparate events into some kind of canon, I'm sure one of you can work the same magic here.

The Future Of Video Games


    No Tiberium? What a dull future

      Let your faith not waver, my child, it was Kane's plan all along... Again... Like every single time something happens, it's somehow Joe Kucan's, I mean Kane's, master plan all along...

    Think there is a timeline error. Both Deep Space & Halo are 2504. Woops!

    Halo wars (2531) comes before halo (2504)

    It depresses me to know that I'm older than Joel from TLOU. He's out there, now as a babe in his mid-twenties in some alternate reality...

      But YOU are a babe in this reality! I've not played the game yet, it's the one thing that makes me reach for my wallet and a ps3 in JB Hifi lol.

    Look i just want to know what year we get flying cars and *ahem* personal robots that look like ScarJo

    great to see OMF 2097 in there

    So, after Aliens invade earth, an a second species is found dormant on earth for millions of years, a war erupts whereby New York falls. PMCs and corporations take over where governments failed but is met by some resistance (esp. in Tokyo?). By 2025 PMCs have complete control restricting national militaries forces completely. (Perfect dark, Jet set, MAG)

    By 2027, information reveals that the the major corporations, virtually in control of the planet, are conducting chemical and technological experiments on humans (Deus Ex, Sunset), with some disastrous consequences. Heavy pollution and limited resources cause the largest of the corporations to swallow up smaller competitors (Oni), the end result being a single company is left in control. An outbreak of fungal virus is seen as the nature's response to humanity's dominance (LoU) and is met desperate nuclear counterstrike (Metro). The result is a wasteland in Eastern europe filled with radiation and mutants. In a seemingly unending string of disasters, "demons" are reported in London (Hellgate). A ancient cult claiming to be templars rise to fight the threat.

    Struggling to survive from a fungal virus, nuclear disaster and civilisation collapse as a result of the response). Information is revealed on the last bastions of human civilisation living in a city in the sea (Brink). Another rumor arises regarding a dome in New York (Crysis 3). Meanwhile the original alien activity seems to have attracted more intergalactic attention to our little planet.

    (As usual COD kind of makes the narrative fall apart...but it seems plausible for one big universe at least to 2050 and possibly beyond. Of course, some liberties have to be taken about minor details such as the location and lore of individual games). I think I'll try to link it all up just for fun...

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    Done. 4 pages. A complete future (or history since I wrote it as a person looking back) of humanity through videos as one single universe. I only used the major points in the infographic as well as some from wikipedia. Some liberties had to be taken (e.g. obviously the UNSC in Halo was formed earlier). Particularly, the asteroid in RAGE hit much earlier, but I made a deus ex machina to kind of explain it. (Not too hard since it was a planetary disaster...)

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