Treat Your Eyes To The Gorgeous Grand Theft Auto Photographs

You really should be treating your eyes right now by looking at this stellar collection of in-game Grand Theft Auto V photographs.

Sometimes we take things for granted in video games: the design, the visuals, the architecture, the characters, the work that goes into every last detail. That's why the growing art of in-game photography is so important. At least that's one reason why it's important.

Reddit user Okonsten took these pics and freely admits to doing a little photoshop work to polish them up. I don't think that matters. Everything is photoshopped these days.

I'd like more of this please!

Check out the rest of the collection here.

Via Reddit


    Missed opportunity. Grand Theft Autographs would have been a much better title.

    Damn. I jacked one of those Kombi vans the other day and boy are they slow! I had to virtually drive up a mountain to escape the cops.

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