Trying To Speedrun The Game Of Life Is Pretty Disgusting

Trying to Speedrun the Game of Life is Pretty Disgusting

Speedrunning a video game can be a funny, beautiful gasp-inducing feat, sometimes done for the benefit of others. But blazing through all the important stuff that you're 'supposed' to do in life in as little time as possible? Kinda gross, in more ways than one.

IRLDQ (In Real Life Done Quick) is a fake speedrun contest cooked up for the latest Mega64 video and watching it makes me glad nothing like IRLDQ exists for real. You'd have to break all sorts of moral, ethical and legal norms to 'win' at such a thing. Not to mention losing your life.


    You know those horrible parody movies that were basically "We saw the trailers of some movies that are going to make money and are going to ride those all the way to financial ruin"?

    This is like that except I'm fairly sure they're basing this entirely off of a tweet that mentioned AGDQ off hand.

    It's also a much worse version of a classic Monty Python sketch. Watch that instead.

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    That's great and all but nowhere near the world record. The XBox, Life is Short, (Warning: Covered nudity) run is the current holder.
    Seriously though, they should make a movie about this. Maybe get Adam Sandler in to play the speedrunner and have some message about Lucky Charms in there.

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