You Need Quantum Physics To Explain Pokémon's Timeline

We already know that, thanks to alternate dimensions, the official Pokémon timeline has become ridiculous. If you break it down using science, things only get even more bonkers.

The Game Theorists pull out quantum mechanics to explain the nitty gritty of how Pokémon's lore explains all the different versions of Pokémon that exist in the real world. It's partially stuff that hardcore Pokemon fans have heard before, but taken a bit further.

I'm intrigued by the idea that Pokémon's technology is so advanced, they have the capability to observe, visit and interact with other dimensions — which explains why the Pokémon universe can make references to the real world. I also like the idea that the alternate dimensions explains the original name for the series: Pocket Monsters, because they live in pocket dimensions. And I'm absolutely tickled by the idea that link cables, which retro Pokémon fans used to trade back in Red and Blue, are ancient tech by today's standards in real life...but in the Pokémon universe, these cables are cutting edge tech that let people interact with other dimensions. Amazing.

And if you need a refresher on what the timeline looks like, but don't have time to watch a 15-minute video breaking it down, take a gander at this helpful infographic by azzyfox:

You Need Quantum Physics To Explain Pokémon's Timeline


    Did link fail to beat the elite four in sapphire?

    Ganon is team aqua, he floods the world.

    Midna is a pokemon, as are the zora and Gorons. Link turns into a poochyena.

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    I actually laughed out loud when a link cable was referenced in Omega Ruby. If you don't mind spoilers:
    It was an integral component of a device that was supposed to create a portal to get rid of an oncoming world-ending meteor. The Link Cable is destroyed by someone who wants to prevent this, as she believes that will just send the meteor to an alternate universe (heavily implied to be the original Ruby/Sapphire universe without Mega Evolution) and wipe them out instead.

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