Clever Editor Turns P.T. Into Terrifying Found Footage Film

Clever Editor Turns P.T. Into Terrifying Found Footage Film

I’m a sucker for found footage films. Ever since The Blair Witch Project wrecked an entire summer for me, the genre has been my go-to source for quick’n easy jump scares. Now, an editor has taken a playthrough of P.T. and transformed it into a horror flick I’d “happily” watch.

The first half is better than the second half, sure, but the concept is pretty great.

A huge reason Outlast was one of my favourite horror games from the past few years is because it integrated the found footage conceit right into the gameplay. (For the record, if you’ve never played Outlast, the DLC is much, much better than the original game.) Though found footage has become a tired trope within film, it’s still fresh ground for games. I’d take a few more!


  • Played through PT last night.

    No lights in the room, wife and kids asleep, dark and stormy outside.
    Still shaking now…

    • I got to a point where I couldn’t figure out how to progress it any further. I just keep walking around in circles…

    • Did that the night it came out – Havent touched it since….

      I think I only got about half hour in and just turned it off – I’m usually pretty resilient but I couldnt handle the amount of hairs PHYSICALLY tingling and standing up on the back of my neck…. With an open window right behind me…

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